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I Stand Tall

I can walk the same way as the person next to me

but somehow still be received differently

every move I make is scrutinized

I can see the hate in their eyes

but I’m not surprised

I’m surrounded by a bunch of fakes

that are someone different in front of my face

but behind my back, its about my mistakes

the error in my ways

how they can bring me down

take me down a notch

I’ll just let them wait around and watch

cause I’m not going anywhere

that’s not better than here

I will not fall off at this point in life

all my wrongs will be made right


If I’m not perfect

I’m not worth it

there’s no point

if I’m not on point

by design, I’m flawed

so I will have my fall

but until then

I stand tall


I’m not a people pleaser

I’m not trying to be a leader

cause where I go

no one needs to follow

I live the way I need to

to get to

wherever it is I want to be

at the corner of success and content

is where you’ll find me

I strive for the best

once that’s achieved, then I rest


I’m not concerned

about those who yearn

to bring me down

to bring themselves up

I don’t give a fuck

I know better than that

to fall in that trap

of negative thoughts

no disregard for every battle I fought

to get where I am now

I don’t get jealous of or envy

those that seek perfection

I am content with me

continuous progress in the right direction



Make it All Right

I work hard

tissues scarred

cause I put in the work

to make things work

between me and you

but I know this is real

and the scars will heal

I’m willing to fight

for what we already have

and work to create

new experiences, new mistakes

for us to learn from together

as long as we stay together


sometimes you don’t confront me

but don’t be so passive

if you feel a way

just let me have it

I’m not perfect

and I make mistakes

but you’re worth it

and I’ll do whatever it takes


to make it all right

to protect you at night

to get through

whatever we get into

cause I love you

I really do

and I’m gonna make it all right


stay with me

and continue to work on us

don’t leave

when things get rough

have confidence in us

believe in yourself

believe in me

and I hope you can see

that we are meant to be

don’t be scared of love

don’t be scared of us

and we’ll go to the places

we both dream of


What I Want

Is there a future for you and me?

answer me, and I’ll let you be

cause right now, I miss you too much

and I can’t stop thinking about us

plagued by dreams of what I can’t have

because you don’t know what you once had


The difference between us

is that I know what I want

Its you that I want

but you don’t

despite all the signs, you won’t

admit every future you see

always involves you and me


All I need is you

but I can’t get through to you

you want to live life

and that’s alright

but I’m not here to hold you back

I’m here because I got your back

I support your every cause

I adore all your flaws

but of everything you see

you just don’t see me

but you won’t confirm or deny

why…I am

not a part of your plan


my love for you will destroy me

and then you’ll see

I’ll see

we should, but could never be

for no reason at all

but this was your call

you were more than enough for me

but I’m sorry you are not in love with me


This is Our Night

I want to see you tonight

this is when we get it right

cause this is our night

tonight, this night

we make it all right


We light the flame again

don’t pretend to be my friend

we are so much more

what are we waiting for?

playing it safe

just in case

something doesn’t work out

or life takes us elsewhere

but we will always work out

as long as we show we care

we’ve both been there

living in fear

our first fight, our first scare

but after all these years

you and I are still standing right here


we make up these rules

so that we can break them

room for one more

but that spot’s taken

by you and all that’s yours

let’s stray off course

and embrace whatever force

keeps bringing us together

let’s live like we are forever



we forget every regret

and just let, this be

what we are meant to be

everything that’s right

this is our night

Your Love, My Mission

this is what you made me
so how can you blame me?
you made me hard to please
your love was my disease
and I’ve yet to find a cure
maybe because we don’t know what we’re looking for
I had it all
I lost it all
you as the queen of my world
then I took that fall

So what am I suppose to do
if I’m still not over you
I say it pretty clearly
but it’s like you don’t hear me
why don’t you, don’t you, don’t you listen?
can’t you see it’s you that I’m missing?
it’s you I want to be kissing
your love is my mission
I’ll get there if you let me
just don’t forget me

I had your heart
when you were scared to love
you had mine from the start
I was always in love
with you
find your way to me
say I do
say I love you too

your love, my mission
It’s you, I’m missing
I’m stuck, in this prison
of a life without you
letting go
something I won’t do
I’m impossible without you

The Boy Who Jumped the Gun (She Runs)

He jumps the gun
tells her he’s fallen in love
but she only runs
from all of the above
she’s too scared
to have someone who cares
someone who wants to be there
she doesn’t know how to accept it
all she knows is how to quit

She runs, She runs
away from the one
who loves her
more than anyone else
she rather be by herself
than with the boy who jumped the gun

She doesn’t see what he loves her for
she doesn’t want him to love her anymore
she doesn’t know what she want
ignoring emotions she’s afraid to confront
so instead she runs away without looking back
he still holds on to hope of her coming back
he patiently awaits her return
yearning to ease the pain of the way his heart burns

This boy, he jumped the gun
he knew she was the one
but she didn’t see it that way
still doesn’t 5 years to this day
he fights alone
determined to bring home
the girl who runs

the one who runs
but doesn’t know what she’s running from

Until You Let Me Go (Pt. 2)

you let me go
you let me know
but never does it show
that we are through
I don’t know what to do
with you
without you
until you let me go

you want me
but you don’t want anybody
not right now
so show me how
to stop wanting you
show me what to do
but you are just as confused as I am
how can we let go
of a bond that continues to grow?

let go and you lose me
holding on means you choose me
you don’t want either
though your eyes say otherwise
but we are not brave enough
to admit we are not a mistake
we abandon our perfection
in pursuit of personal reflection
to discover our contradiction
we are what we are missing
intentionally blind to see in each other
that we are God’s gift to one another

so let me go
and meet me there
that in time
we will once again find
a lover in each other

Until You Let Me Go (Part 1)

I try, I keep trying to outrun

the fact that we’re done

I don’t know how to let go

until you let me go


I don’t know

Why oh why?

would you hold back from me

just tell me you’re cheating

tell me your leaving

just give me a reason

so I can stop believing

so I can stop loving you

before you tell me we’re through

break my heart in a different way

postpone my loss until another day


why are you afraid to love me?

why can’t you just let us be

what do you want from me?

I just don’t understand you anymore

I’m no longer what you’re looking for

but you and I always feel like so much more

you lost your way somewhere down the road

you hate me because it’s what you were told

they say it was the right thing to do

that I was never right for you

if that’s a reality you believe in

what is it that keeps you from leaving?


constantly finding your way back in my life

preying on my dreams of you as my wife

some part of me still hasn’t let go

and I know that you know

so why do you still linger around?

after the numerous times you build me up and let me down

why do I let you back in?

where do we end?

where did we begin?


I don’t know how to let go

until you let me go

but don’t you go

until we know

we’re ready to go

In Excess

you only live once
you only die once
so why you want to live and die young?
what is it that you’re running from?

in order to be like everyone else
it’s your duty to abandon yourself?

you drink to forget the mistakes you make
when you’re drunk, and instead recreate
those same mistakes you hate yourself for
can’t face yourself anymore
this conscious decision
to live the way your living
deteriorating a health that’s so fragile
is this how you want us to remember you?
you reject the idea of any plea
that alcohol is not the cure to your disease

you complain that your money is gone
but look at the what you spend it on
you talk about the damage it does
how you can’t keep up with your friends
but you binge for the sake of…just because
afraid but not worried it will be your end
you constantly seek pity
for your irresponsibility
for your inability
to grow up

you protest
you don’t do it in excess
but you live to regret
the days you forget

Prison Walls

So much to hide

a prison for my secrets

but I leave the gate unlocked

hoping they can be discovered

and the truths uncovered

so I don’t have to bare the burden alone

so I can have a place to call home

a place where I belong

with those that want to understand

who, what, and where I am

and how it all began


A feeling of entrapment

shrouded in a darkness I create

to disguise every mistake I make

I’m flawed, I’m like you

allow me to be human too

I’ve earned the right to be imperfect

so seek a truth that will be worth it

understand the man behind those walls

endure my story, my rise and fall


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