4.) Love You Right (Red)

she can’t give me a dime
but I don’t even want a penny
she can’t give me her love right now
but I already have plenty
she lets me know, she’s in repair
I tell her, baby, I’ve been there
I’ve been there too many times before
I know your heart hurts, the pain is cruel
but no way I’m gonna abandon you
you do have a friend in me, you’ll see
someone to rely on, another shoulder to cry on
Time will reveal where it is we are to go
right by your side, together we will grow

I’m gonna love you right
every day, every night
every word that you speak
from your lowest to your peak
I’m gonna embrace every flaw
every blemish, I love it all
brag about your essence
take pride in your presence

I love you right now
In this moment, we own it
I’m gonna love you right, show me how
I’m gonna love you for a lifetime from right now

Even if it rained on our wedding day
it would still turn out the way I prayed
still standing together, still exchanging vows
I want you forever from today, I want you now
with every second passing
you are my passion
in this chaotic world we live in
this is our new beginning

so let’s dance to the music no one else hears
let them watch, cause we don’t care
surrounded by the chaos as it unfurls
it’s you and me in our own world


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