6.) Fill My Prescription (Red)

I miss you even when I’m with you

cause I know before long

you’ll soon be gone

and I’m forced to hold on or move on

I just want to feel the touch of your skin one more time

give us a chance, I want you to be mine

I already miss the touch of your lips

I miss the way I felt when we kissed

Will you please fill my prescription

it’s your kisses that I’m missing

would you be

my lady, my baby

be everything that drives me crazy

Cause without you

I’m going through withdrawal

I miss you

I’m climbing up these walls

Babe give me a dose of your all

cause without you, I’m about to fall

I crave your body

I crave your mind

baby, give me your time

tell me, you’re mine

and I’ll be just fine

withdrawal symptoms disappear

when you are there

you get me so high

everything becomes so clear

what am I suppose to do

when I run low on you

can’t you see what I’m going through

I need more of you in my life

I know you’ll make it all right

you’re the right amount of everything I need

everything I want, all I could ever hope for

so much about you to adore


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