9.) You are the Monster I Made, I am the Beast you Saved (Green)

purpose returns to my life with you in it

The most beautiful thing I’ve resented

yet the one I’ve always defended

corrupting a path once paved

you are the monster I made

I am the beast you saved


I don’t trust your motives

something about you is unclear

fragmented, you are not all there

but its something about me you fear

I’m just too forward

something so overwhelming

no idea what I’m representing

talking about your beauty and perfection

telling everybody

you were so right for me

by now, thought I would of learned my lesson

no woman is worth that trouble

but with you, we turned masterpieces to rubble


I filled your head up

kept pouring lies into your cup

and you just kept going with it

devouring every second, every minute

you’re going to lose me

the same way I lost you

through insecurity and uncertainty

there’s such a discrepancy

probably best if you don’t mess with me

but let’s ignore it at the moment

we have chemistry, so let’s own it


You kept me grounded

whatever compassion I lost

with you, I found it

we are our own beast

and we feast on every moment

we are reckless

and there’s a checklist

of reasons of why we shouldn’t be

but I am too blind to see


I see the monster in your eyes

you will be my demise

after you have saved my life

I could love you and hate you

spare me the misery and joy of going through

a life without you






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