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Alien Girl

Time takes its time around you
time froze the moment I found you
nothing made sense
nothing was what I knew
the moment I found you
I don’t know what exactly it takes
but I think we should exchange stories and relate
let me give you a tour
of my dysfunctional world
let me try to impress you
with my list of issues
cause I’m only human after all
so think about it, can I give you a call?

There’s no trying to understand it
Just admit that you’re from another planet
you are some sort of alien girl
because you are so out of this world

we should meet up and go for a run
wait…running is no fun
plus you don’t have any running shoes
but now we have the perfect excuse
to relax and do absolutely nothing
and nothing always turns to something
so here’s what I’m trying to say
I want to do nothing with you today
but I want everything to do with you everyday
so I think we should get a little crazy
and you should go on a date with me
I may not be your usual type, right species, right height
but I promise you an unforgettable night

you don’t have to impress me
just let me hold your hand
let me know what it feels like to be your man
even if this is only temporary
broken, but still willing to give the best of me
I’m not suggesting that I need a commitment
I just think we have what it takes for new beginnings
I’m willing to try if you are
let’s work towards something and see if it goes far
I’m not asking you to make any sacrifices
you have your own path, I realize this
maybe you weren’t planning to encounter me
but that’s no reason why we can’t see
if we might be more than an illusion
more than just a dream, I believe we are a reality ready to be proven


Make a Scene

there’s no need to be discrete

cause once we meet

there’s no going back

there is no forgetting

every second, every minute

my eyes, you’re in it

my sights are set

my target is locked


so give me everything thing you got

test the waters, take a shot

let’s jump, let’s scream

let us make a scene


We endure and perform

let’s work up a perfect storm

we mix and we tangle

tell me how much you can handle

cause we push the limits

no rules, we’re just in it

to fulfill a dream

to make a scene


wild is always the best

let me undress you my lioness

we can relieve some of the stress

being the animals we are

we can excite and delight each other

satisfy my appetite for a lover

let’s dream then live out a party

where we just don’t care

we do whatever we dare

Window of Opportunity

you’ve been finding myself over the years

envious of less successful peers

cause they have the love they need

but still aspire for greed

no amount of material can fill the void

left from the absence of a feeling they avoid

the same one that you patiently seek

time waits for no one, including the meek

with so much to be grateful for

how dare you focus on wanting more

but that seems to be human nature

he has her, but still wants to date her

no appreciate of the little things

no idea where life really begins


we get one chance to get it right

but that won’t be happening tonight

too many irrelevant things to focus on

keep trying until you get it wrong

life keeps collapsing around me

as you search for your window of opportunity


Look at the time wasted working hard

just to have someone get just as far

not cause they worked, but cause they networked

degrades your value, damn, that hurt

you do all you can and they still want more

grab and hold on, but still not sure

of the realism of you goals and aspirations

because of a thought provoking challenge you’re facing

true colors show in the face of adversity

these thoughts are beginning to hurt me

cause you hate the thought of anyone missing out

cause their mind is cluttered with so much doubt


a lot of things in this life will defeat you

drag you through the mud til it turns to dirt

and no doubt in my mind, you’ll be hurt

and the pain will keep pouring on

cause the storm is never done

its a matter of learning how to weather it

there’s the rope, now tether it

get it together

you can be down but you’re not out

be there when you need yourself the most


Pawns in Their Game

blame us

for everything that goes wrong

cause when we are gone

life goes on

we work hard all day

for no praise, low pay

we’re all in this together

equally expendable

but to each other, equally forgettable

common goals, common enemies

we aren’t much different, we just pretend to be

we pay the price for the decision of a company


we fit the bill, fit the description

of the ones always forgotten

not on anyone’s mind

living out our lives full-time

we are pawns in their game

we are one and the same


We don’t make the calls for who rises who falls

but the group that was once “us” is now “y’all”

we were all victims, we all suffered a loss

some more so than others

but we knew the cost

we knew what came with the territory

but your disdain tells a different story

your resentment of those who really cared

especially the one who fought for you to still be there

you took business and made it personal

now you’re the one hurting you

with your selfish decision to hate

the same ones who can relate

to everything you did and will go through

because we were once there too


but you ignore the facts

in the back of your mind

we aren’t worth an ounce of your time

you think you are better than us

and it shouldn’t be you, it should be us

cause you are judge, jury, executioner

how could you go, but remains him and her

overlooking the entire situation

we are all being played

toyed with and eventually destroyed

trapped in a lifestyle that brings inconsistent joy

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