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Contract for Hire

I am the one
I get the job done
right the first time
this task is mine
I don’t stress
what I can’t control
so I stress everything
I’m King
ruler of my domain

You are a contract for hire
in the unsung empire
can you aspire to meet the need
of an appetite that never feeds

I fight for what I want
and dismiss what I don’t
I don’t care
If I don’t care
I don’t dare
give a second of time
There is no second time
no second chances
no double takes
no quick glances

All that matters
no mistakes
whatever it takes
completion with perfection
with no given direction
do the impossible
when survival is improbable
feel the pressure creeping in
are you ready to begin?


Renew this Fallen Soldier

Before you lies my shield

my sword

I bow before you my Lord

completely exposed

I am wounded on this journey

heal and return me

the man I am right now

not yet who you made me to be

still on the path of discovery

humble my arrogance

numb my pride

speak the secrets I hide

show me the truth about myself

the me seen by no one else


I bare no arms, just ears

to hear your commanding words

lower my defenses and pick me up

your love will always be enough

keep me going as I get older

revive and renew this fallen soldier


I am invisible to all but you

Invincible through you

very little I can’t do

my limitations are set by you

and I will not concede

to living a life filled with greed

not preaching for entitlement

because that’s not the God I represent

I am aware of what distinguishes me from everyone else

you’ve taught me, there’s so much more to me than myself

and though no one else may be able to see it

everything you intend for me, I plan to be it


You allow me to make my decisions

some of course, were not so perfect

but never once did I feel abandoned

you’ve always reassured me, I’m worth it

our conversation continues to drive and inspire me

I serve you, employ and hire me

you’ve saved this life numerous times

now I’m ready to do right with mine

I will be your warrior of the light

through you I maintain the strength to fight

my heart is invested in every battle

this is my choice, not because I have to

I have nothing to prove to anyone but you

So guide me on my path and I will continue


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