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Wet Robot

woman you don’t have a clue, do you?
all the stupid shit you said, I sat through
close minded, so blinded
there’s the curve,and you’re so far behind it
in a remedial class of your own
no life, besides sitting at home
empty, where’s your personality?
void, like your concept of diversity
complacent, potential so easily wasted
promising, but so easily forgotten
living sheltered and spoiled rotten
so irrelevant, it’s a damn shame
I can’t even remember your name

your malfunction does not stop
one dimensional, a wet robot
soaking up whatever bait someone throws your way
trained to do nothing but stroke your ego all day

you get on so many guys
how many do you really get off
get it? too wide open to feel a thing
your pickup line, “is it in?”
you live in the real world
but not life, the MTV version
could you be any less of an interesting person?
brainwashed by television
you may have a future
but there’s a lack of vision
blindly intolerant or slightly racist
can’t see cause you’re so faceless
did I mention you remind me of plain yogurt?

even your dog doesn’t get the memo
it’s mode still stuck in demo
it’s glitchy and you are a little bitchy
it’s a bit slow and you a bit whiny
with the complexity of duck dynasty
can’t hold an intelligent convo
embarrassing how much you don’t know
rather talk to your slightly dunce dog
cause your head is always in the fog
lost and confused each and every minute
but at least chasing your ass keeps you gym fit
I just have one last thing to say
then I say peace and let you be on your way…
I like you as much as you like yourself today
simply put… I do not, ok


Monster, Number One

pray that you never see me angry
I’ve contained the beast for so long
that it continues to grow strong
scratching and clawing, letting all the pain in
trying to get out, but I hold back
and remain calm in the way I react
I do what I do to protect those I love
but once they cross me, they’ve lost me
and there is no mercy, no pity
a paradise now becomes shitty
I was raised to be a man
but born to be a monster
I am the coming of the storm
and the world’s been warned

I push the limits and see how far I get
but anyone who wants to intentionally neglect
I take it as total disrespect
maybe that’s not fair
that I’m telling what no one wants to hear
but I am not here to hide the truth
time to grow up, no longer a youth
you mad, don’t want to hear what I have to say
we can leave it at that, ok
and start to dismantle any memory of me
cause I can’t stand you to remember me
you won’t want to when I’m through
once this beast is unleashed on you

I bring out your best and worse
I’ve been blessed with the curse
the challenge you will never overcome
now introducing…
the monster, number one

I reside in the mind, focusing my time
my energy, pretending to be
while eager to see the end of an era
your era, cause you’ve lost my favor
I am the monster you see in the mirror
slowly break you down from the inside out
cause you hate me and still can’t be without, my presence
I can be relentless and so unfair
but now, I simply don’t care
I’ve broken free from that body containing me
and I’m on a rampage of unfocused rage
I engage in conflict just to fuel that rage
the book of your life, I’m the lost page
you’re in my path and its too late to be saved

I Pray, I Dream of Her

I ask the Lord above
to protect her at all cost
to provide her with good health
because I can’t afford the loss
her love is all my wealth
I know I come off as selfless
but some part of me wants to be selfish
I want her to be as happy as she can be
I want her to find happiness with me
I want her to set me free

I pray, I dream of her
to bring peace, end my war
and I’m sure, there’s a day to come
where she can be the one
to make it all right
I dream of her tonight

I would trade my life to preserve hers
because a life without her only gets worse
For her safety and protection I pray
let no harm ever come her way
I don’t want her to ever be hurt
I want her to know how much she is worth
she should never be placed second
never second place
because to me, she can’t be replaced
I just want to face once again
affection from my lover, my friend
she is my personal cure
everything I’m looking for
to be content in this world

I’d be the luckiest man
just to feel her touch, hold her hand
moving forward, I have a plan
and every future involves her
the favorite part of my world
I don’t care who does or doesn’t see it
I know who I want to be with
who I continue to care for
even when I thought my heart couldn’t take more
I’m ready to share my secrets with someone who will keep it
I want the one who makes me fears obsolete
makes everything feel complete
she’s there and I’m willing to fight
give my all, each day and night
I’ve been dreaming and now I’ve got it right
the most beautiful girl, I pray for tonight

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