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Queen with the Wild Hair

Let me take us back to the good old days
The ones from yesterday, tomorrow, and today
Every day with you in my life
Is another day done right
My love for you, my greatest accomplishment
So proud of everything thing you represent
My heart is yours without hesitation
No thought required, no contemplating
I already know how much you mean to me
And I plan to show you, and the world can see
I am so grateful that I have you
A testament that dreams do come true
I prayed for the day I could hold you again
Feel the warmth from my lover, my friend
And it will always amaze me
How you can make one man feel so lucky

You are that lily, that rose
You are, truth be told
The most beautiful woman I know
The most serene, most sincere
My Queen with the wild hair

We never know a good thing until it’s gone
But baby I tell you, they got it wrong
I knew your worth from day one
And a lifetime later, it still will go on
Your impact on my life is never overlooked
You are never overshadowed, never overbooked
I’ll always have time for you in my world
For you, I will create time that didn’t exist before
Just so that I can see you a little bit more
You are the right amount of everything I need
I’m high on your scent in the air that I breathe
You are proof that imperfections can be flawless
Everything you are, I want all of it
You bring me comfort and peace
Put the chaos in my mind at ease

You make it so easy to love everything about you
And so hard to imagine a life without you
I will never doubt you
I have complete faith and trust in us
Even when things begin to get rough
Our trials and tribulations
Are outmatched by our love and patience
We are ourselves, true and unique
And my desire for you, nothing can compete
You are such a treat, from head to toe, your mind and soul
So sweet, that you should know
Wherever you go, my heart will follow


The Revenger

I want to get even with this kid
after all the wrong he did
maybe it all wasn’t intentional
but I take everything so personal
I don’t know how to let be and let go
I rather be angry and let it grow
let the pot boil, let the fire burn
You hurt me, now it’s my turn
I’ll get you back, I’m the best at it
don’t fall on your back, I won’t stomach it
there’s not submitting, no quitting
what you give is much less than what you get
I want to be that haunting regret

I want to save the world
but on my own terms
I want to save the day
but only after watching the fire burn
when will I ever learn
to be a hero, I have to wait my turn

I am the revenger
the dark avenger
so misguided and divided
so torn and excited
for my next mission, next task
I’m ready to kick some ass

Looking for conflict but without the confrontation
I majored in war and winning was my concentration
I am so far away from patient
always ready to address the hating
full throttle, there’s no letting up
cross me, and you are messing up
eye for an eye, poetic justice
there’s a line and the moment you touch it
it’s all over, I am the king of no mercy
I drank the river of peace and I’m still so thirsty
I need something more, so I drink from the river of war
now I’m satisfied and feel like I can win
so let the reign of the dark avenger begin

These Drugs

you say the alcohol brings out the real you
well Its unfortunate my time wasn’t with the real you
your dependence on a depressant to be true
it’s depressing that you never really knew
who you were was just a phase
when will you ever act your age
drugs and liquor to get through life quicker
but complaining about the pain in your bum ticker
when liver disease brings you to your knees
you can’t come crying to me
don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against drinking
just no patience when those who do stop thinking

If you could see your reflection
see the ghosts of your decisions
the demons in your possession
why do you then pretend
that these drugs are your friend

its sad to see you in this state
it’s not you, but the ignorance I hate
no one wants to think about what’s to come
like the poisons in the body are one and done
no consequences in a once promising future
now to enjoy life, you need a few shots first
its discouraging
watching your life unraveling
and I’m the enemy if I try to help
as you sink deeper taking pity on yourself
unaware of your actions
even as they happen
and you refuse to accept any help
with no respect or regard for a healthy life
don’t question why no one is left at your side

when you begin to hurt the ones you care for
and still decide to indulge more
spend so much and complain about being dirt poor
I just can’t help you anymore…
now the jolly green giant has you high as a kite
but withdrawal from that grinch, not quite as polite
when has smoking ever been harmless
if you could ever harness the knowledge I know you possess
I promise you would have less regret
But I can only deliver the message
I’m called a fool for thinking it could be different
why must you overdose
why must you even have to come close
why must you be so quick to overindulge
and for self-improvement, you won’t budge

False Route

Are you listening to what I have to say
are you lending me your ears
can you hear my words today
or are they lost among our peers
those who try to misguide you
counter every time I try to guide you
but we are both wrong
cause only you can guide you
you have to make the choice
you have to be your voice
cause despite how much I try to protect
every idea you eventually reject

You don’t have to be down and out
no need to go down that false route
not when the choice is yours to make
not when the opportunity is yours to take

we can learn from the experience of others
you don’t have to make the same mistake as another
but you can’t really see it that way
and all I’m really trying to say
is, once in a while
look before you leap
think before you speak
cause you are repeating the same decisions
that trapped them in their prison
unable to grow expand their mind
instead trying to justify how they spend their time
why voluntarily repeat the same crimes?
one decision can be the turning point
make or break you and your legacy
just ask, how do I want them to remember me

Nothing in life is ever gonna be perfect
but don’t you think the right decisions are worth it
don’t you think you deserve it
prove you can do better
better for your self, better for your health
have no doubt about the life you live
we all do more losing than winning
but respect the life that you are given
show that it really matters to you
incorporate a thanks in the things you do
you represent much more than yourself
as part of humanity, you represent everyone else

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