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Monster #5

Think twice, this is the two headed beast
with equal appetites to feast
the good and the bad
owning everything you once had
there’s no where to hide
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
introducing…monsters number 5

you think you know us and you really should
I’m here to say you deserve everything good
to remind you, you’re worth it
and for the things you want, sometimes you have to work for it
not everything comes easy, believe me
but be humble, be patient, don’t be greedy…
fuck what that beast said, the world wants you dead
everybody is against you
they go to church, just to repent you
I am your only real friend
your alone in this world, beginning to end
life should never have been this rough
why should anything be this tough?!
I say you sit back and wallow
let’s drown in the comfort of our sorrow

you have so much going for you, just got to put a foot forward
sometimes things try to hold you back, that’s when you floor it
got to lift yourself up and get distance from the negativity
don’t let this monster convince you to live with self pity

don’t let his tricks make you think life can be fixed
so high and mighty trying to make you see your worth
by making you do so much extra work
think about all the times you’ve been hurt
every time you fall, its his fault
making you feel good is his trap, don’t get caught

Life sucks and we both know it
all bad things happen to you
why would you even want to continue
the trend hasn’t been changing
just sit here and keep waiting
trust me, I won’t dare misguide you
I just know there is so much we can’t do…

sometimes you have to fall to learn a lesson
experience can sometimes be a blessing
you need to see what I see in you
can’t dwell on what others have done to you
feeling sorry for yourself gets you nowhere
don’t let any of us take you there


Monster #4

I make you feel stupid for all the wrong you did
you ruined yourself with the life you lived
I haunted every decision you made as a kid
and will haunt ever second you continue to live
you know what you do isn’t right
I make sure you can’t sleep at night
you know when you’re wrong and I always know it too
I know every decision you will make before you ever do

I eat at you
constantly defeating you
your hesitation due to my negotiation
my guilt will always be felt
welcome to my hell…
I am monster number 4

I am the reason you think before you act
and you hate me for that
think it’s bad that I sometimes hold you back
think where you would be without me
so much better off or possibly a vacant memory
you begin to second guess everything
the slightest amount of doubt lets me in
as soon as you make a choice, a decision
I become your voice, your religion
cause all you can think about
is that I’m the monster you can do without
a consequence of your actions
thanks to me, both good and bad happens

I feed off your guilt and throw it back at you
you choose to feel that way when you don’t have to
so I tell you to feel bad about your actions
with such intensity right after it happens
you decisions are your prison
can’t escape the life you are living
your regrets won’t end until your heart hardens
and I am number 4, your warden

Monster #3

I’m monster number 3
but it’s ok, I’m not your enemy
I care, but I fear you will
cross me and toss me
I am the help you once asked for
but apparently don’t need anymore
I am your definition of a lost cause
the answer to all the questions that go unresolved
I’m tossed to the side and neglected
too old, too young to be respected
but I’ve always been there to protect you
I just could never convince you
never get through that I loved you
I am a failure and disappointment
but my destiny couldn’t be avoided
you’ve shown how little you care
by how little you wanted me there

Remember me? Monster number 3
your saving grace that helps you survive
the side that you always want to hide
you always regret them but forget me

Unlike the other, I was always active within
but instead of me, you chose to indulge in sin
your moral compass was broken and I repaired it
when death was near, I scared it
I knew there was so much more you could do
but to find the value of life was up to you
you believe that my words are empty and irrelevant at this time
but remember that I reside in your future subconscious mind
time will reveal I’m more of an angel than a beast
but until then, you will allow those monsters to feast

Monster Number 2

I can’t believe the circumstances that unleashed number one
but I understand where it’s coming from
it’s feeding off of my pain, residing in my brain
but there’s an underlying beast that puts it to shame

This day has always been rehearsed
The evolution of the curse
I am nothing like you
monster, number two

my appetite is ferocious
and I don’t know if you’ve been told this
but I don’t discriminate
I give both the love and the hate
I live in both eyes
and I tell such great lies
fill your head up with tales of my folklore
just to raise hopes of you to fail more
so I can pick you up and do it again
twisted, i’m your imaginary friend
I’m your predetermined end
I’ve seen the future and it doesn’t exist for you
because you’re life, this is it, nothing you can do
I am here to stay
My methods are the only way
I am wrath in its purest form
been ready to consume you since they day you were born
finally you have unlocked that cage
fueled by my anger, I engage your rage
you will make stupid decisions
and screw up the good life you’re living
you are mine now, welcome to the life I envisioned

Mighty Man of God

you’re so humble that you walk through fire
so selfless, but want to be the sole survivor
you preach as a mighty man of God
but keep your congregation in the fog
there’s the truth and you won’t tell it completely
I know it, so you ask me to leave discretely
It’s not your arrogance that I really notice
it’s the fact that no one else knows this
they follow you blindly, but you are still a man
I will respect you, but I am not a fan
I won’t bow down, I can’t follow your lead
but I am the contradiction your followers need
someone has to show them, there’s more to the story
don’t indulge in one man’s words hoping for glory

Mighty Man of God
castle and crown
head held high and looking down
I hear what you have to say
but I have my own truth to follow today

so much emphasis on physical but not spiritual wealth
I’m no fool, not impressed with how you carry yourself
it takes more than cheers and tears
to earn the respect of your peers
we are equals, cause we are also God’s people
you know as well as I, you do what we do
solid built, but your facade is so see-through
so don’t you dare think that I am beneath you
I am not perfect and I cannot worship flawlessly
but is that any reason for you to think less of me
I interpret the words of God told by man a little differently
cause they don’t always agree with what God has shown me
what he has told me, so will you continue to scold me?

your place of worship is also a place of business
raising money to the sky, I shake my head asking what is this?
we have so much more to offer, I express gratitude through the life I live
but you are so concerned with tracking how much I give
You quote the bible as saying this and that
but what about this part and that
so many sections filled with contractions
so shall we continue to dissect my convictions
tell me what I’m doing wrong this time
cause I have life, but apparently don’t know how to live mine
your book of law is only my guide
I don’t agree with, but respect every word inside
and I won’t follow everything, pretending to be blind
not when our God taught me to use my own mind

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