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That’s How Much you Mean to Me

The moon to the waves
the ink on a book’s pages
the verses to the gospel
it’s my heart I’ll always follow
and it will always guide me to you
never straying from someone so true
never forgetting all the good you do
your love, your patience, your time
your beauty, your sincerity, your mind
every ounce of you given to me
breathes life and sets me free

I just want you to know
That’s how much you mean to me
That’s how much you do for me
you’re my strength, you’re my happy

remember any future I’m willing to see
always involves you and me
standing the test of time in this world
my love for you will always endure
my appreciation for one of God’s most beautiful creations
I will always love you without hesitation

you do more than enough for me each day
you please me in so many ways
as long as we treat each other right
I wake and sleep satisfied each day, each night
so don’t you worry babe
I know we don’t have all the riches in the world
but I’m plenty rich with you as my girl
you take me to a place I’ve never been before
I couldn’t ask you for anything more
I can only hope to do the same for you
but I know together, there’s nothing we can’t do

I just want you to know
That’s how much you mean to me
That’s how much you do for me
you’re my strength, you’re my happy


Neglect You

did I fool you into thinking I’m forever yours?
did I open too many doors?
did I really impress you?
so you let me undress you
but did that really mean a thing?
did that mean you were letting me in?
cause you’ve done this type of thing before
and continue to come back for more
you want a future with no planning
you expect to sit there and still be standing
like things will always fall into place
obviously not the case with the look on your face

you want to ease the pain
but your bad habits still remain
if I ever tried to help
it seemed like I was looking out for myself
I was selfish for trying to protect you
but it was too hard watching you neglect you

too stubborn to see the flaw in your mentality
willing to suffer in the same way
as those who ignored the warnings others gave
you think ignorance will protect you
what you choose not to know can’t hurt you
apparently facts based on life can’t be true
playing off the rest of the world as fools

you will come to hate me if I persist
but when you love someone, how do you quit?
I hate to think of my advice as lectures
but if it is, it’s only cause I know we can do better
if you don’t want to take care of you
how often can I really be there for you
if its an early death you’re asking for
why do we discuss the future anymore?
everything is fine in moderation?
I’m weary of the reality you’re facing

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