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Naturally Beautiful

girl, have you seen you today
this is how beautiful you look everyday
way too harsh, way too critical
too concerned about how others look at you
everyday putting on make up to be made up
to impress him, to best her
but some part of you can’t be sure
is this what they really want to see?
is this who you really want to be?
do what you do
cause it doesn’t matter if this isn’t you

Pretty hurts, but simple still works
any man that can’t see your natural value
simply doesn’t deserve you
you are not a product so he cannot bag you
priceless, so you can’t be rated a dime
catcalls aren’t worth your time
you are the life you live
do yourself a favor and live
verbal abuse is abuse too
don’t let anyone talk down to you
you are beautiful and command respect
so don’t you forget…

All you can do is just be you
be beautiful, cause you just are
simplicity, makes you a shining star
being you is up to you
it should never be something new
you are naturally beautiful

be humble, be proud
be grateful for the way you are
graceful, embrace every curve, every scar
all has a value
whether your skin is pure or covered in tattoos
who am I or anyone else to judge, you do you
there’s nothing wrong with improving for something more
but make sure it’s you you’re doing it for
no need for the fake nails, fake hair
we don’t care as long as you’re there
you have nothing to prove to a man
be the best version of you that you can
everyone’s standards are slightly different
think the goal is to live up to them, it isn’t
focus on being happy and feeling satisfied
cause you are always beautiful in the right eyes


War in the Sanctuary (Hunger Parody)

For anyone who has ever been hungry during Church…

I’m so hungry, don’t know if I’m going to make it
10 minutes left, can I take it?
already sat through 2 hours of an hour and a half service
yup, someone convinced me to enter a place of worship
pastor finally wrapping up his sermon
don’t get me wrong, I like religion and learning
but my stomach is squirming and skirmishing
I’m just so gosh darn hungry
my stomach is waging war in the sanctuary

I’m so hungry, just let me eat
I promise to be discrete
I’m sure God won’t mind
church just happens to be during breakfast time
all I want to do is find food
say my grace and eat good
but i’m losing the battle
every sermon goes into overtime
and I begin to lose my mind
the people start to smell like chicken
the sanctuary is morphing to a kitchen

they tease me with a Hebrew cafe you see
but I’m not new, so 1st in line doesn’t apply to me
if I wasn’t sitting next to my lady
I would have gone crazy
cause my stomach is growling
and my nose is prowling
if it catches the faintest scent
then they better hope this service does end

I’m fighting hunger and don’t know how long I’ll last
the hunger pangs are kicking my ass
so I ask, please forgive me
for my stomach’s waging war in the sanctuary

War in the Sanctuary

I’m starving for knowledge so teach me
enlighten me, and preach to me
show me how my ways are wrong
how corrupt my soul has become
show me how to shun my brother
because I took one path and he took another
encourage me to judge another for a lifestyle
because I’m too innocent to see for myself, like a child
tell me that my idea of peace is wrong
cause you think numbers makes you strong
make me sign up for war and kill to serve my country
cause it makes God proud to fight in another man’s army?

you don’t want to be near me
saying I bring war to the sanctuary
you don’t want anyone to hear me
my words ignite war in the sanctuary
my truth brings chaos to your people
but I am not evil, just an informed equal

feed me the contradictions of the system
that turn its back when you aren’t with them
we can’t agree on how to live life
when I’m viewed as wrong and you as right
I am the dark and you the light
we fight to achieve a peace we can’t reach
let me be a teacher and teach
we don’t need to discriminate
we don’t need to hate
simply because we can not relate
cause deep down we all really can
him, you, her, them, we are all man

We use words to justify our despicable actions
misinterpret them to encourage reactions
we are so wrong and we know it
intolerant and so quick to show it
unaware and un-accepting of our behavior
thinking you are the highly favored
what about your brothers and sisters
fighting the exact same war
what good are they for
if you don’t stand beside them
but for their differences, deny them
I am no antagonist, just a friend
and will be so through the end

Monster #6

I fear nothing and conquer all
I can either be your rise or fall
choose to embrace me or face me
challenge me and I will destroy you
accept me and I will employ you
you do as I will
you do as I command
I am # 6, and you, a mere man
I am the best at being bad
I am the greatest thing you ever had
I’m in control now, your mind is on hold now
I do all of your thinking
can you tell me what we’re thinking?

Scary, isn’t it?
how good I am at what I do
I am so determined to ruin you
I am every dream you pursue
I make it all come true
so you should be kind to me
there is nothing else behind me
I am the end, the finality
and we are attached at the spine you see
so if I fall, you will die with me
obey and you get immortality

I am the guilty pleasure of your soul
the reason you will never grow old
the reason against all reasonable decisions
this is the world I allow you to live in
why you think you are better than everyone else
has nothing to do with me, and that’s all on yourself
loaded, cocked, and full of arrogance
I am # 6, the best there is…

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