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Selfish Me

I can’t save you from the damage you do to yourself
but I try to inform you so that so that you can help yourself
but you make it clear you don’t want any help
you don’t mind suffering in your own stubbornness
it doesn’t phase you, but I no longer can rest
my misinformed rebel, your mentality means trouble
our patience will be tested
my purpose to protect makes me over-protective
and we both know how hard I try to help it
so how much longer before you hate me
for bringing you back to a reality you want to escape
a world where actions have no consequences
roaming a land without fences, a place with no rules
and there’s no satisfaction knowing I’m the only thing stopping you

selfish me for wanting you to see
your future and what you can be
you don’t need me, but I need you to see
what you can be without a distorted reality

I don’t know how else to spell it out
you are the one I can’t do without
so I can’t fathom the end of you
being something that was preventable
I can’t watch people destroy themselves
out of ignorance or anything else
not the people I love
and especially you out of all the above
so hate me if you want to
but I’m going to protect you
I’m going to love and cherish you
I’m going to pray and care for you
always do my best to be there for you
cause there will never be another you
somehow I hope to get this through to you
for as long as you allow me to

I can’t answer myself why someone with asthma would smoke
I don’t know why our health in the long run is treated as a joke
I can’t explain why alcohol would make a dark day better
but I know we can’t remain 18 forever
we have to grow up and expand our mind
life isn’t guaranteed, but we don’t have to shorten our time
or make the later years miserable
because of the damage you willingly did to you
thinking you will be invincible
with the mentality everything is ok in moderation
but that’s not the reality your body is facing
so if you are to resent me, just give it some time
once you’ve allowed yourself to live a healthy life, then hating me is fine


7 Day Forecast

Each and every day I’ll care for you
I’ll love you when it rains
I’ll love you through the pain
and when the sun shines and dries your tears
I’m still there to show you I care
and when the wind blows forever from tomorrow
I’m right by your side even in the time I must borrow
from sunrise to sunset
from Monday to Sunday I’ll never forget
how much you mean to me
my dreams realized each time I gaze in your eyes
I just want to lay right by your side
and appreciate everything about you
no day of the week can replace you
through the good and the bad
you will have everything I have

Our love will survive any forecast
our love will last as it always has
with patience to let the storm pass
love is our 7 day forecast
as we continue to nurture what we have

We will make it hot and make it wet
maybe break a little sweat
always ready and always set
to go all the way everyday
with a passion always growing in new ways
you make it so easy to love you everyday
so hard to part those days I want you to stay
because you compliment me in every way
I am my strongest, my most honest with myself
around you in a way like with no one else
you give me the strength of a hurricane
and when you hurt, I’ll wash and blow away the pain
cause we know when it rains, it pours
but I only prepare to love you more as we endure

you are my sea breeze
each day with you is a day at the beach
warm and gentle touch
already enough, but you’re like perfect weather
making any type of day better
every day of the week
we forever peak
each week of the year
I love you more my dear
each year of my life
I promise to do right
to make sure our forecast always lasts

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