Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Give Me You

Tell me that I am the one you think of
when I’m not around on your day off
without words,show me that you love me
without hesitation, love me proudly
promise me, you’ll be my friend
tell me you want a relationship that never ends
hug me simply because I’m there
and kiss me without a thought, without a care

show me love, give me affection
signal me in the right direction
give me more of you
more of everything I find so beautiful
I don’t want something old, something new
I will always only want you

I wake up in love with your presence in my life
let me know what I’m doing is right
or if I could do more for the woman I adore
because sometimes we forget, sometimes we neglect our passion
take each other for granted
but let’s make sure those roots don’t hold if the seed’s been planted
speak like you believe in our future
not just another man, treat me as your final suitor
don’t be distant, don’t be cold
I don’t want to grow bitter and old
as you are my youth, you are my truth

hold me, take my hand and express your love
ease my doubts about the above
rest my mind against your chest
give me the time to be your best
as I aspire to love you to the moon and beyond
because limits with you are long gone
you bring new meaning into my world
be proud to be my queen, my girl
give me what you can
what you can only give your man
give me what I let no one else give
A burning desire to love and live

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