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We Were Champions

I’ve chased you for years, followed you into battle
never left your side, I was your shadow
I know you never asked, I never had to
but I gave you the benefit of the doubt
and promised you, you wouldn’t be without
that one to count on, the loyalty you sought for so long
but treating you like royalty is where I went wrong
you made my words your own, my place your home
but all this time, your vibrant colors weren’t shown
shielded by your armor that keeps me out
fooled by your lies that I was one you couldn’t do without
but whenever I needed you, I had to do without
that support once assumed to be mutual, wasn’t this time
twist my words that were yours that were once mine

we were champions, we would win
every battle we’d begin and end together
two survivors burnt by the fire
now we wage war against each other
no victory in fighting my brother

I’m fuming and fueled by much frustration
your assistance always came with such hesitation
like you couldn’t make the decisions for yourself
always waiting for the approval of someone else
In life or death, I’d once give my last breath
but now all that has been laid to rest
I can’t count on someone without a mind
it begins to add up, the missing vertebrae from your spine
we were a force, and of course I took the lower road
so that you could shine all high and mighty
but remember the mighty fall
and on this day you’ll remember my name being called
no mercy, no patience
I’m just a result of what you once created
the sum of its parts after you betrayed it

We were made to be equals
you made me out to be your sequel
years in the making, with my life for the taking
a sacrifice to be made in order to survive
cause you could never do any wrong
so it was my name you dragged on
instead of owning up to your issues
treated me like a piece of tissue
but you had it, had me all wrong
you let me grow to become too strong
and I don’t back down, I will fight
you try to rule with a bark, but I bite
you react without seeing the totality
I’m focused, I see your legacy’s mortality


War Cry

don’t make me a martyr if I die unjustifiably
I will take no part in any racial rivalry
I see color, but still it means nothing
it’s your soul, to me, that means something
we cry foul before we have an understanding
riot after 5 seconds of planning
we burn, loot, and destroy our own community
then ask how could they do this to me
how can they do that to us
as we turn to violence
because our anger won’t be silenced
attack the few that doesn’t share your view
because every battle is now personal

everyone is doing it so you follow
the passion of the emotion that’s not your own makes us irrational
look at yourselves, cause someone has to
only act as one when the situation calls for it
convince ourselves, we do no wrong and you fall for it
criticizing others for portraying a stereotype you reinforce
but of course, neglect the fact that we do the same
black or white, we all do the same
who does it benefit to exploit and broadcast someone else’s pain
so desensitized, it’s a shame
reminding someone of the thing they are trying to forget
reliving the one memory they regret
walking in shoes that don’t even fit
its too obvious that is this path isn’t it
but we are always in our own way
waging wars after we peacefully pray

Don’t use me as the excuse
to reproduce and abuse your foolish acts
don’t presume and fight for my innocence
if you don’t know if I’m innocent to begin with
don’t cry for me if you wouldn’t die for me
don’t pretend to know me if you weren’t already family
your fictitious revolution is not the solution
your protests are self serving
and you wonder why they aren’t working
my death won’t be the cure, the solution
so let me rest in absolution

I hear your war cry
vague and hollow
but still don’t know why
still don’t know who
is it for me or is it for you
that you seek the justice you do

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