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Let Me In

how should I feel when you keep me in the dark?
when you don’t share what’s on your mind?
but instead remain silent the entire time
like I’ve done something wrong
I can only be so strong for so long
so secure, until doubt creeps in
I’m no longer sure where to begin
how do I get it through to you
you’re not simply just hurting you
its a roller-coaster you put me through
one day so full of life and vibrant
but the next you become an island
you’re mind is so often else where
and too often in that else where, I’m not there

you look me in the eyes and say everything’s ok
but anyone else ask, and you have something different to say
push me away and act like I will never understand
maybe sabotage is part of your bigger plan
and I don’t want any part of it
if you throw the shoes at me when they don’t fit
I’m not here for anyone’s convenience
consistency is everything and for the 10th time, I mean it
excuses and apologies get old after the first few times
but now, we’re a juxtaposition in my mind
at a crossroads of contradicting thoughts
as a result of so many actions botched

the hot and the cold, day in and day out
let me in, and let me be without
free my mind from this constant doubt
let me in, and reassure my mind from start
that you intend to let me into your heart

I don’t want to be the last one to know
or the first one to go
this two way street acts more of a one way
I give, but never know what I’ll get any given day
and I can’t pretend like I’m fine accepting that
I don’t play the guessing game, so give some feedback
even when its something you don’t want to discuss
say that instead of treating me with disgust
speak up cause I know you can talk
before the distance between us becomes further than we can walk


Forbidden Fruit Syndrome

you want what you can’t have
a case of you got it bad
what you lust for
is something you never had before
you want to try it out
test drive a new route
something you’ve done without for so long
desires and thoughts so right and so wrong
longing for something not promised
the internal conflict of being honest
admitting it without any shame
they may be worth the cost of the game
just to get a taste of what glimmers in the flame

she looks better each day from your perspective
she makes you feel a little less neglected
a looker, but off limits because someone else took her
he charms you with his words
he listens whenever you want to be heard
the contact, pure and so sure
makes any relationship a little less secure
temptation is calling your number
and you want to answer in the heat of summer
he sees someone else giving you a good time
and stirs, why can’t you be mine
what good is a status without a ring
imagine what life brings if we were a thing
he wants to get lost with thoughts of you on his mind
subconsciously hoping you give each other the time

the promise of the flesh is so fresh
so fresh in the mind, you think from time to time
craving that rush from the pursuit
you want to make a move, you want to do it
he has who you can’t have
she wants him so bad
look but don’t touch
nothing is never enough
take a bite and indulge in the temporal delight
shortsighted, but this plight, you can’t fight it
there’s just something so enticing
about a chemistry that seems so inviting

play your cards right
and you can have tonight
what you always wanted
enduring your pursuit
of the forbidden fruit

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