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I’m the last leg of the race
but I keep them in last place
my pace is a little less than fast
a little less than all over the place, but a bit crass
sometimes I’m convinced I’m right
but my right is their left
and if I don’t compromise and correct, I’m going to get left
but how many times can one man give in?
why does it take my loss for them to win?
if I speak up, they trap me under the bezel
and shun me as if I’m the devil
so if I said I’m done with the shit
I’d be remembered for how a quit
not what brought me to the point
not that they would ever get the point
if I was to try and explain myself
I’d be left just talking to myself

Do you hear the sound
the cries weighing you down
instead of what it is lifting you up
anything can happen without me
I’m just your anchor in the sea

So I sacrifice what I must for them to have enough
but I’m expected to stand my ground and be tough
my patience is almost the point of extinction
endangered cause people can’t make a distinction
who knows what’s fair and what’s not to a man in my position
tempted to knock sense into them but i’m resisting
my blood has been shed, hands blistered
I’ve had my share of brothers and sisters
we all share in the triumph of my victory
but with failure, that just all falls on me

I slow down life and take type to analyze
just to show them, not everything is worth the hype
it seems like I held everyone back from their dreams
rather than I helped them live long enough for them to be seen
so I’m the villain in the scheme of things
no bigger picture, just look at me as where dreams end
and when it’s convenient, just carry on as my friend


Greener Grass

the grass is always greener
I’ve seen her, and I’ve seen her
I’ve cheated death, I’ve cheated life
I’ve cheated my mistress, I’ve cheated my wife
this world has yet to tame me
I’m an animal with no direction
my compass is broken so I stray
I play the games that the wild ones play
I can never win, I can never lose
so I do exactly as I want to
a complete disregard of consequence
will always be my greatest defense
because I will always be wrong even when I’m right
and simultaneously win and lose each fight

I fall in love too fast, too soon
each day bringing someone new
adding each one to my list of things to-do
I’m bad for my own health, I’m bad for you
the grass is always greener, it’s true
but I’ll chase greener grass until it turns blue

I catch her gaze and I’m ready to prey
She smiles in a way that makes me stay
I can feel her warmth and I feel her heat
I catch a scent of something so sweet
innocence is lost whenever our eyes meet
but always scouting ahead for an escape
I pave the roads I want to take
and she can come along with me, passenger seat
but we part ways as soon as another makes her obsolete

and I say the grass is always greener
I’ve seen the other side, I’ve seen her
her enthusiasm is a little bleak
but hers is so loud and unique
and she seems like quite the freak
but then she opens her mouth and speak
and now there’s something appealing about miss bleak
there’s no satisfying a lust so undying
I can never make up my mind
cause the flesh is as ample as straws of grass
and there’s a thirst for something that never lasts

American Pastime

I love the way we interact with each other
underneath and on top of the covers
the way you dance in the shower
and how you can nap for hours
you think I’m bored, but I’m never tired of watching you
admiring someone that is so beautiful
with everything that you put me through
it only makes me want to marry you

Be my dream through the end of time
my California queen, my American pastime
take my heart, my hand and wear my crown
cause you are where my purpose is found
Love me in your own special way
and I’ll love you more than yesterday

Love the way you use me as your body pillow
and take pride in being there when you’re weeping like a willow
satisfying are the adventures we together create
even if its inside in pajamas all day, to the love we make
I could never see you enough, every second is a rush
and for anyone who doubts us, that’s just their tough luck
we can talk about anything and we do
and without saying it, I love how much you know I love you

there are times when our minds clash
and when I’m mad, I still miss your laugh
sometimes you playfully rebel against me
causing trouble, but I also know I give you plenty
ours, are my favorite memories to reflect on
our future, so promising, so strong
I love your gentle, kind, stubborn spirit
I love loving you, I love being in it

Free Montana

take my hand and be free like the wind
free the weight of your passive sins
no judgement passed, your secrets don’t scare me
I stand by your side if you dare me
something about the look in your eyes feels right
I’m intrigued by the hints of darkness found in your light
your confessions shows that you’re hurting
but your smile makes it easy to forget that burden
there is life in the breeze of your words spoken
a passion drifting dormant in my heart is awoken

the mountains from which you once dwell
the heavens from which you must have fell
free Montana take me to Nebraska
where the plains aren’t quite so plain
take me to Nevada where all sins are the same
follow me home and call my name

your wildfires, so hot, burning with desire
only quelled with an equally matched fire
there’s a feeling you bring about that’s so appealing
so many get hooked and you just keep reeling
the laws are a bit different from the outside looking in
I come from a land of outlaws, ready to sin
your touch keeps me company those lonely nights
I feel the rush when the sun rises, you’re such a sight
saturate my soul with the burden of your love
take me to the wilderness you found above

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