Honeymoon Life

we don’t go through phases, we go through lifetimes
love-struck like two people not in their right mind
loving each other more and more each waking day
and each night I lay my head next to yours and pray
that we’ll always have each other, my best friend, my lover
I love being in love with you now and forever
I love you until the sun burns out and the moon fades
give me your heart and know it’s always safe
your light inspires me, it lights the fire
to do my best by you, for my one ultimate desire

you are my best friend, my bachelorhood’s end
with you, I’m ready for a new chapter to begin
It took no time to desire you as my wife
let’s make that a reality, let’s have a honeymoon life
let’s create love with each other for all eternity
do me the honor and marry me

there is no doubt, hesitation or second guessing
you are every ounce my greatest blessing
I’m in love with you in so many different ways
and each way grows stronger every single day
each challenge we face results in me loving you more
a tighter bond with the woman I adore
you are the key to my happiness
you are the push I need to be my best
you are my peace when I need to rest
you at your worst, is greater than everything else at its best

I blush each day I get to come home to you
every part of you is just way too beautiful
every curve of your body as beautiful as your complex soul
you only grow warmer as the world becomes more cold
I want you as my queen in every aspect of the life I live
I’m absolute in you being a great mother to our future kids
you instill so much confidence that there is no “on the fence”
I’m so certain that with you is where my life begins
our love will outlive this world as we always stand together
you are my queen, my wife, you are my forever


Where the Truth Lies

why do I have to be strong when you can’t be
turn to weakness in your one moment of clarity
there are those that choose to do better
and then there are those that drown with the weather
your clutch, taking comfort in failure
once you’ve had enough, call on your savior
but you are no different from anyone else
do the same as everyone else
and I thought you were different
but I was wrong, it was only wishful thinking
years of an idea of you that no longer existed
a reality that was doomed to become fictitious

what separates you from anyone else
all the lies on top of lies, buried where the truth lies
when have you ever been yourself?
your decisions have become your prison
you’ve made choices you knew you would regret
and I have to live with the ones I can’t forget

I had higher hopes because you gave me hope
but now I feel a fool, the punchline to a bad joke
I thought there was something special
but the more I learn it’s like I’ve never met you
the stranger found throughout my life
and to think, you were to be my light
the truth hurts, it digs and pry
but I can’t explain to myself why
and neither can you, explain to me why
why oh why do we even try
when I want all thoughts of you to die
why do I want to forgive
when you have nothing left to give
my perfect vision no longer has reason to live

it comes crumbling down to the ground
the foundation of our foundation filled with cracks
my world turned upside down by a different you
nightmares about a past I knew I didn’t want for you
cast to the side, so there was nothing you had to hide
living life knowing it didn’t matter if we were alright
I was a hindrance, just another person in the way
and that’s how it played out in the games you didn’t play
but rather the games you ruled over without say

Piece of Literature

you read and live the life that you lead
I don’t mean to impede, but can you get me up to speed
tell me an interesting story
you are the belle of the ball
and I’m a little bit wordy
so maybe I come off a little strong
but don’t get me wrong
your intellect is quite fascinating
when we’re not learning, we’re relating
and in private, we’re contemplating
what never was and what could never be
but still dreaming of the possibility
a life where we do more than just co-exist
what we do together is what it means to live

you’re a classic piece of literature as real as you are
not an easy read but a good read
the plot thickens when I start to listen
and when we live is when we begin

I’m a quick study and I know that details matter
between this world and you, I choose the latter
all the directions your mind goes in
and I still take the roads less traveled
because I want to know you in ways like no other
more than your father, mother, and brother
be the one that steps in your world and tames the chaos
help be your light when times are dark and you get lost
part of an endless story currently being told
I want to be part of every new chapter as we grow old
we can become a saga, story of legend,the greatest anthology
we love each other freely with no apology

each day we turn the page and let it sink in
we are the rage, for every good chapter, with us it begins
so many people want to infringe on what we have
but it’s copyrighted as we pave our own path
I read you like my favorite book in school
over and over again, because I’m your fool
I know there are layers to uncover each time
and my mind knows you could be mine forever
so be my co-author on this life together