She Will

She will never love me, I’m not her type
she wants someone who will treat her right
not go above and beyond day and night
a man who will never put up a fight
someone taller, someone a little older
with love that never changes, always sober
but mine constantly grows, it’s never over
and I know she knows that I’m here
but life moves fast, she doesn’t even stop and stare
I’m a constant in time, I am always present
but I’m starting to sense a little resentment
I like to imagine we have a connection
but I’m leading myself in the wrong direction

She will take me for granted
for her, it becomes a habit
she will say what she says
but it doesn’t have to mean a thing
she will continue playing on broken strings

Our friendship has always left scars
why doesn’t she check her heart
to remind herself that we’ve come so far
love has been there from the start
a bond that have always had character
we shaped it artfully like a caricature
both playful and deceptive to the outside looking in
where we start is where we end, and she and I end where we begin
cause so many times we act as one
but after today, we’re done
just like that, there is no turning back
everything we worked for just walked out the door
but it should of never came as a surprise
I saw the death of us the last time I looked in her eyes

Why did weeks go by with no love between us?
I asked myself if I was the only one who can see us
I did all I could to please her, make sure her needs were met
and in return I got apologies and excuses
the perfect recipe to make anyone feel useless
but anyone else would of got more effort
and there is no insecurity in my worth
just certainty in how much it hurts
knowing the truth is that things will never change
after talks and promises, years later, still the same
I’d be a fool not to learn from the patterns of our past
the last lie I let her tell me is that this will pass
I’ve heard it too many times before
and now it’s time I say no more


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