About Me

I am not a good guy and I am not a bad person. I am rational, I am practical. I am goal oriented. I tend to over-think everything. I have strong morals and ethics that I stand by. I do what I want within those morals. I am religious, I believe God is perfect, not my religion. I am fair. I am quiet, not shy. I like attention. I tolerate isolation. I am very sarcastic at times. I exercise restraint, forgiveness, patience, and kindness. I rarely show stress. I am charitable. I have imperfections. I get tired. I am easily frustrated. I can be selfish, I get angry, I get sad. I can lie, I can be emotional. I cry. I break my own heart repeatedly. I am a romantic. I rarely use profanity in front of others. I infrequently drink alcohol. I can be protective, even of people I barely know. I have never allowed one person to ruin me for another. I understand and accept that I make mistakes. I’m an optimist who accepts the truths of the reality of a world I cannot control. I am no more or no less amazing than you are. I am just another human being.


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