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13.) If I Never (Green)

If I never stop thinking about us
If I never stop thinking about you
how can I expect life to get better?
she wants to love me, but I can’t let her
because it wouldn’t be fair
that you are still there
lingering in my mind
pretending that everything is fine
I’ve lost you without letting go
without a goodbye, without a kiss
you were the last person I ever missed

If I never stopped loving you
what difference would it make?
If I gave you my all
what more would it take?
If I never let go
would we still hold on?
If I never knew better
we would be together?

If I never wrote you so many songs
would we have sang a different tune?
If I never invested so much for so long
would you have left earlier, too soon?
If I pretended that I didn’t care
would you then want me to be there?
If I never made an effort to talk
would we even talk
If I wrote you overseas, would you write back?
guess I already know the answer to that

If I never pulled you up when you reached for a hand
Would I never have wanted to be your man?
I saw an opportunity to mean something to someone
but it was left to you to let me feel dead wrong
If I just backed off and let you heal
then maybe we would of had something real
I don’t think that we were incompatible
I just loved you at a time your heart was uninhabitable


12.) Don’t you Forget/First Responder (Green)

Don’t you forget me
Don’t you forget you
Don’t forget you’re beautiful
Don’t forget I’m always there
Don’t you dare…my dear

I was the man you never knew
a soldier sent to protect you
at all cost, you would never be lost
never be left feeling down
when you needed me, I was around
I was there to be a resource
if life ever threw you off course
there to keep you on your feet
lend you a hand when you were weak
I was your doctor, your nurse
the water to quench your thirst
I was there to prevent the worst
To me, you always came first

I would of traded my life to preserve yours
taken a bullet without thinking first
I would never leave you to feel alone
With me, you always had a home
a place of comfort
someone who relishes your worth
take care of you whenever you fall ill
supply you with every ounce of my good will
I promised to protect you from all harm
I make it my duty to keep you warm
to make sure you had all you need
build your ego with the praises I feed

I am your your first responder
the catalyst that makes you stronger
I support your cause without cause
just because
I do it all for you
I only do it for you

If you ever had an emergency
allow yourself to count on me
let your guard down
I’ll always be around
to protect you from harm
just grab on to my arm
and I’ll take you to safety
I’ll save you like you saved me
all I need is your trust and faith
I make it my duty to keep you safe
you are everything that makes me stronger
strong enough to be your first responded

I declare war on anything that threatens you
I forge the weapons that defends you
so worry not in your time of need
rest easily, you have your peace
right here, next to me

11.) The nEXt Best Thing (Green)

So it seems we’ve hit a rough patch
don’t show the same affection we once had
your mind is still on your ex and how he betrayed you
mine is wondering if you’re stuck on him, how can I date you?
I’ve made up my mind, I want you as mine
but something says this isn’t the right time
I adore you and I swore to fight for you
but you put me through the pain you ex puts you through
feeling unwanted and undesired
growing impatient and tired
thinking how could I settle for anything less
anyone who’s not you, is second best

You’re not around
my ex is back in town
show shes an interest that you don’t show
I’m intrigued, but I just don’t know
the situation I find myself in
where do I begin
you won’t let me have you, I can’t win
so do I settle for the next best thing?

you worry about all the wrong things
if you spent that time letting me in
things would be so different
if you didn’t hold back
the way you feel
cause I know we have something real
something that would last
if you weren’t so focused on your past
letting your ex back in the picture
now the lines are so blurred
looks like you want him and I want her
but that’s just not the case
no one here wants to be replaced
no one here wants to settle
so I won’t let you
let me in so we can begin
I don’t want the next best thing

She has nothing on you
but what you want me to do
I can’t continue to pursue
the dead end means with you
tell me, what do I mean to you?
really want to let go so easily?
forget every bond between you and me?
its nobody’s business where we stand
but damn, I want to be your man
with all the work we been through
It can’t be you and him and not me and you

10.) Blurred Lines (Green)

We’re running out of time
will you please make up your mind
I can’t deal with these blurred lines
so let us define what we mean to each other
before we decide to go any further

Are we friends
are we lovers
can we depend on one another
to be there
to care
to brave what we fear
can we commit
to no more bullshit

you don’t care what others think
but don’t want others in your business
what am I suppose to think
what are we doing, what is this?
you share every last detail of your life
except the part that involved me, right?
so why do you kiss me?
why do you hold my hand?
how can you say you miss me?
but I’m still not your man

can we just figure us out
before we head down this route
pretending that everything is ok
we’re in too deep to take it day by day
we’ve spent enough time
pretending to be blind
so take me or let me go
just let me know
so I can clear my mind
and move on in time

9.) You are the Monster I Made, I am the Beast you Saved (Green)

purpose returns to my life with you in it

The most beautiful thing I’ve resented

yet the one I’ve always defended

corrupting a path once paved

you are the monster I made

I am the beast you saved


I don’t trust your motives

something about you is unclear

fragmented, you are not all there

but its something about me you fear

I’m just too forward

something so overwhelming

no idea what I’m representing

talking about your beauty and perfection

telling everybody

you were so right for me

by now, thought I would of learned my lesson

no woman is worth that trouble

but with you, we turned masterpieces to rubble


I filled your head up

kept pouring lies into your cup

and you just kept going with it

devouring every second, every minute

you’re going to lose me

the same way I lost you

through insecurity and uncertainty

there’s such a discrepancy

probably best if you don’t mess with me

but let’s ignore it at the moment

we have chemistry, so let’s own it


You kept me grounded

whatever compassion I lost

with you, I found it

we are our own beast

and we feast on every moment

we are reckless

and there’s a checklist

of reasons of why we shouldn’t be

but I am too blind to see


I see the monster in your eyes

you will be my demise

after you have saved my life

I could love you and hate you

spare me the misery and joy of going through

a life without you





8.) Green

I am envious, I am jealous
you make me act pretentious
I am proud, yet you made me insecure
am I the only one touching you anymore?
I want you more than time itself
but I am alone in my feelings, by myself
was this not our chance to know
I thought there was the light that told me to go
you make your past prospects into my enemy
seeming more into them than you were ever into me
I can’t compete with your countrymen
that is a battle I would never win
I am irrelevant in your presence
I just want to be part of your present
love me
feed my need for your affection
quench my misguided obsession
I only desire your attention

The man who gets to marry you
sleep and wake up next to you
that brings you joy and cause you pain
I envy that he does not have my name

Green is the color of envy, guilt, and greed
green is what you have given me in my time of need

7.) Random Access Memories (RAM) (Red)

remember me when it’s not convenient
tell me you want me now, and mean it
I want you each day a little more
I wanted you before we met
you have that affect
unfamiliar territory, I want to explore
your mind, body, soul, give me the tour

the one random memory we created
takes me to a time where we dated
you know me from another time
I only want to know you as mine
help me forget every woman that isn’t you
and I’ll be the good man you never knew

Go ahead girl, access these memories
tell me, do you see
you and me, the way I do
you on me, me on you
No reason for you to wait
access the memories we create
get carried away
in our moment in time each day

Seduce me, tease me
invade and consume my memory
flashbacks to what you used to be
before you ever knew me
show me what you’re thinking
I’ve been sporadic in your mind
give me this moment in time
remember our time together
and remember me forever

we frequently forget ourselves
to feel the touch of someone else
we dream to forget that void
we dream to fill that void
remember me, don’t dream me away yet
experience me, then dream away regret
of the memories we never had, then forget

6.) Fill My Prescription (Red)

I miss you even when I’m with you

cause I know before long

you’ll soon be gone

and I’m forced to hold on or move on

I just want to feel the touch of your skin one more time

give us a chance, I want you to be mine

I already miss the touch of your lips

I miss the way I felt when we kissed

Will you please fill my prescription

it’s your kisses that I’m missing

would you be

my lady, my baby

be everything that drives me crazy

Cause without you

I’m going through withdrawal

I miss you

I’m climbing up these walls

Babe give me a dose of your all

cause without you, I’m about to fall

I crave your body

I crave your mind

baby, give me your time

tell me, you’re mine

and I’ll be just fine

withdrawal symptoms disappear

when you are there

you get me so high

everything becomes so clear

what am I suppose to do

when I run low on you

can’t you see what I’m going through

I need more of you in my life

I know you’ll make it all right

you’re the right amount of everything I need

everything I want, all I could ever hope for

so much about you to adore

5.) Poison (Red)

I see the way you look at me

I’m already hooked on you

You’re just too beautiful

I want to ruin you


I want to make your hair a mess

I want to get you out of that dress


I catch the scent from your neck

close my eyes and envision your silhouette

kissing every erogenous zone

girl, I just want to take you home

some place we’ll be alone

where I’m free to roam your body

no interruptions to stop me


take it off, I want it baby

tease me, drive my crazy

with your body I want to explore

give me some, then give me more


from your ear to cheek to neck

working my way down, you’re already wet

I’m ready to put in work

cause baby, we’re going to work

all over your body

seclusion, your needs

I’m the solution

I love your every curve

let me satisfy every nerve

kisses down the arch of your back

to the arch of your feet

sexy the way you react

fade to black as our lips meet


your poison that shoots up my veins

every time you say my name

intoxicated from your kisses

everything about you, I’m addicted

seduce and entangle my every need

with your poison from which I feed


4.) Love You Right (Red)

she can’t give me a dime
but I don’t even want a penny
she can’t give me her love right now
but I already have plenty
she lets me know, she’s in repair
I tell her, baby, I’ve been there
I’ve been there too many times before
I know your heart hurts, the pain is cruel
but no way I’m gonna abandon you
you do have a friend in me, you’ll see
someone to rely on, another shoulder to cry on
Time will reveal where it is we are to go
right by your side, together we will grow

I’m gonna love you right
every day, every night
every word that you speak
from your lowest to your peak
I’m gonna embrace every flaw
every blemish, I love it all
brag about your essence
take pride in your presence

I love you right now
In this moment, we own it
I’m gonna love you right, show me how
I’m gonna love you for a lifetime from right now

Even if it rained on our wedding day
it would still turn out the way I prayed
still standing together, still exchanging vows
I want you forever from today, I want you now
with every second passing
you are my passion
in this chaotic world we live in
this is our new beginning

so let’s dance to the music no one else hears
let them watch, cause we don’t care
surrounded by the chaos as it unfurls
it’s you and me in our own world

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