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3.) It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense (Red)

Babe, it doesn’t have to make sense

but in my life you remain relevant

I just want to treat you right

all day, all night

walk at your side

not ahead of you

cause I’m no better than you

you and I are equals

two perfectly flawed people


I take your hand

and hold you close to me

I am the man

who wants to make you happy

even though we’re lost in a cloud

where the world around us is so loud

pulling you this way, and me that way

everything about you still makes me proud

to have you as my lady

even though we drive each other crazy

cause we have our crazy days too

I’m so glad they are with you


What good is a good thing

if I don’t let you in

don’t be shy my dear

don’t ask why, we just don’t care

It doesn’t have to make sense

as long as I’m your heart’s resident


let’s face it, I’m not your type

but I want you tonight

you know I’m a good man

who plans to treat you right

so why fight that feeling in your heart

when we are apart, we fall apart

let’s just start, to fall in love

and float like the clouds above

you don’t know me, I don’t know you

but I find you so beautiful

I don’t think we understand each other

more of a reason for us to be together

so that we can learn

and fuel our fire as it continue to burns



2.) Our Lips First Met (Red)

Take you out on your birthday
we were just friends
or at least we tried to pretend
but remember how our first date ends
remember where we first began
I’ll never forget
I’ll never regret
the day our lips first met

For months before
we’ve been dancing in circles
you didn’t want to hurt me
I never thought to hurt you
such little attention I paid to you
but still remember the day you called me un-date-able
you thought of me as off limits
but eventually that mentality ended
all of our resistance expended
I started getting used to you
you saw me as something new

we became so comfortable
you sought me to comfort you
your actions became so flirty
our jokes became increasingly dirty
whenever we would touch
you would always blush
a healthy distraction time after time
busy, but we didn’t mind
we were into one another
we wanted each other
we kept trying
but we never had the right timing

we eventually made time
so we went out to dine
being out on our first date
I’m critical of any mistake I make
I just want to impress you
my curiosity begins to undress you
never realized I felt that way
you must go, I want you to stay
we hug as we prepare to part ways
but we hold on, my hands on your waist
without a thought I pull you closer
my actions have never been bolder
my lips reach your lips, we kiss
and then we kiss again
nothing else mattered in that moment
just the start of something we went along with

1.) Red

your diaphanous tone, sound of your voice turns me on
your sweet lips, I want to place mine on
the curve of your mouth, to your soft skin
your body is where my fantasies begin
your hazel eyes, your long hair
capturing the essence of your stare

passion, love, lust
surrounding us

your scent, so sensual, sends my mind elsewhere
something so sexy about you that seems unfair
gently tease your neck, I just want a taste
your head to feet, I just want to taste
let me invade your space
let me love you gently
dare I say your flaws are plenty
you have the most perfect imperfections
something we both embrace
your style, your heart, so filled with grace
let me lay with you in bed
make my blood rush from head to head
you are my passion, my desire
the fuel, the lighter and my fire

With you, I only see Red

Prologue to Project R.G.B.

Coming Soon!

Project R.G.B: The RGB Era is my most ambitious and focused collection of lyrics and poems to date. It examines the progress and free-fall of an interpersonal relationship that intended to become something more. It explores how I became a victim of my pride and determination, consumed and blinded by an unwillingness to fail, and how a perceived notion of mutual interest can be so manipulative and devastating. The writings are composed from real experiences and raw thoughts, with some parts fueled by imagination/fantasies of what “could of been”. The project started as a few lyrics, just a way to vent, and it evolved into a large collection that served as a way to purge the system of unanswered questions, and uncertainties. It was a necessary closure, It is the end of an era.

RGB has a dual meaning. It was originally named after the subject to temporarily organize the writings, but the idea of incorporating the similarly named color model sparked the theme that now defines this project. Each color represents a collection of emotions, thoughts and moments experienced during the rise and decline of this relationship. Red represents the passion, the lust, love, and all the desires felt and sought after in this particular courtship. Green highlights the envy, greed, selfishness, turmoil and confusion between the mind and heart during the period of the relationship. And Blue expresses the sadness, disappointment, heartbreak and acceptance of the failure of a relationship that had great potential. This is not a story, but rather an inside look of the progressive emotions and thought process experienced during a particular relationship.

Starting June 24, 2013, a new post will be published each day for the next 3 weeks until the entire project has been posted. A listing will be created for the project showing the chronological order in which the lyrics/poems are meant to be read. Thank you for taking the time to read and experience the RGB Era.

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