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Scarecrow Saga Ch. 1

This scarecrow wears a raincoat
doesn’t brag, doesn’t boast
spends his days on the coast
residing in southern Maryland
where nothing ever goes as planned
walks with his head down to go unnoticed
from the fame he found in showbiz
he works out 5 days a week
but still walks around sluggish and weak
dragging his feet, he doesn’t ever speak
he observes the words of man
hoping it helps him formulate a plan
of where to go
in a world so cold

he hears of the murderers and rapists
and wonders how sick of a world to create this
children indulging in alcohol and drugs
aspiring to be gangsters and thugs
the corruptions and destruction littering the streets
generations of progress dismantled in weeks
the racism and intolerance of and by religion
contradicting a world their God intended in the beginning

The scarecrow weeps for weeks
after realizing the disparity in charity
towards the rich and those who can’t afford to eat
and when he sleeps
he dreams of those who can’t sleep
because they have no shelter, no bed
there is no peace without a place to rest your head
he questions the respect and intellect of the few
that choose to riot and harm others when they lose
why do they loot and steal from their own neighbors?
he thinks, how can humans justify their behavior?

his eyes water, as he watch cities burn
It sickens him, his stomach turns
he leans over and vomits
lifts his head, then he screams his 1st words…”Stop it!”…


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