Intro/Note to the Reader

As I open up my writings to the public the first time ever, I want readers to know how much I appreciate anyone who takes the time to look at my work. I take such great pride in my ability to write as I do and I am truly grateful to those who read my work and allow me to share my thoughts with them. Writing has always been a passion of mine, with most of that emphasis being on lyrics/poetry. To be clear, I was never a rapper/singer, and I have no interest in doing so. Over the past 12+ years, I have constructed numerous pieces of writings as an outlet, a way to express myself. Before now, only a very exclusive group of people have ever had the opportunity to read these writings, and there are other writings that no one else has ever seen. Some of my lyrics are based on personal experiences or experiences of others as told through me. Others are based on raw emotions at a particular time. I am not one for senseless lyrics. Though I may have written some meaningless lyrics here and there, majority of these writings are sensible. Some of the lyrics are explicit, but usually within context. No one should take any lyric personal or be offended. Some writings are about particular individuals, but If any individual feels a particular lyric or piece of writing is about them, be flattered that I took them time to include you in something I’m so passionate about! My mind tends to over process and over-complicate things, so there’s a chance some things I say may not make sense. No one has to agree or favor my opinions, my lyrics, or any writing I post. Simply respect my art and I will always be grateful. Feel free to comment or share thoughts on anything posted on this blog. I am always open to suggestions for topics to write on. Thank you again and enjoy The Words I Never Said!


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