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War in the Sanctuary

I’m starving for knowledge so teach me
enlighten me, and preach to me
show me how my ways are wrong
how corrupt my soul has become
show me how to shun my brother
because I took one path and he took another
encourage me to judge another for a lifestyle
because I’m too innocent to see for myself, like a child
tell me that my idea of peace is wrong
cause you think numbers makes you strong
make me sign up for war and kill to serve my country
cause it makes God proud to fight in another man’s army?

you don’t want to be near me
saying I bring war to the sanctuary
you don’t want anyone to hear me
my words ignite war in the sanctuary
my truth brings chaos to your people
but I am not evil, just an informed equal

feed me the contradictions of the system
that turn its back when you aren’t with them
we can’t agree on how to live life
when I’m viewed as wrong and you as right
I am the dark and you the light
we fight to achieve a peace we can’t reach
let me be a teacher and teach
we don’t need to discriminate
we don’t need to hate
simply because we can not relate
cause deep down we all really can
him, you, her, them, we are all man

We use words to justify our despicable actions
misinterpret them to encourage reactions
we are so wrong and we know it
intolerant and so quick to show it
unaware and un-accepting of our behavior
thinking you are the highly favored
what about your brothers and sisters
fighting the exact same war
what good are they for
if you don’t stand beside them
but for their differences, deny them
I am no antagonist, just a friend
and will be so through the end


15.) Blue

depression sets in

I accept that your heart, I cannot win

I’ve lost, I’m lost

I am missing, left in a void


avoid me, my broken soul

I grow bitter and I grow cold

a broken man, yet again in repair

because you could not care

you would not fight as I fought

and you were the warrior? I thought

my vision of you is disrupted

the sadness you bring goes uninterrupted

it consumes me as it once engulfed you

we are now one in the same…Blue


dejected in the prime of our lives

rejected, tears fill our eyes

hollow to this common feeling of rejection

this is heartbreak’s resurrection

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