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Coming Soon: The People at the Party

A concept collection of introspective lyrics. Each lyric is from the perspective of an individual or group of individuals attending the “party”. Each guest internalizes their more vulnerable or darker sides that is constantly countered or hidden by the facade we all display on our exterior at times. These are people exploring their minds, acknowledging their flaws, their shortcomings, challenging their present. The People at the Party are the people we meet everyday.

1.) The Man at the Party Without a Voice
2.) Sink or Swim
3.) Self-Destructive
4.) Toll-Road
5.) Out of Bounds
6.) Wrong from the Start
7.) Temporary Relationships
8.) In Silence, They Creep
9.) Humble Ambitions
10.) Tiptoe
11.) 676 to O25
12.) Will I Be Ready
13.) Revisionist History


Jungle Gym

the world is my playground, I toy with it
give me power and I’ll eat it, cause I’m power hungry
I’m the best at what I do
I know you think you something with your girl, acting brand new
without any effort, I’m taking better care of her than you
life becomes effortless when you are your best
no hesitation proving that to the rest
I set goals and attack them with elite precision
every decision I make is the best decision
so many people out there always testing me
but they can’t get a taste of my recipe
they can’t comprehend my alchemy
and I know what is best for me
I’m going to do what’s best for me
any imitators can settle being less than me

I pray every way I go is the right way
obstacles are just child’s play
til my dying day, I’m always gonna find a way
I’m the king, and all I know is how to win
this world is my play thing, my jungle gym

I don’t play games, I just take names
so I can hand out consolation prizes
no surprises, I always perform at the highest
it’s the only thing I know how to do
and if I lose, it’s because I choose to
I don’t care who you are, I won’t lose to you
I’m always on another level that can’t even be seen
I’m sorry, you even lose to me in your dream
and I know that’s not fair, but should I care?
no competition since you can’t win without my permission
your life goals I accomplish in my sleep
but outside of competition I’m humble and meek
carefully chosen are the words I speak
so every promise, claim, bet, is absolutely deliberate

I slow down so that life has a chance to catch up
it taps out when I’ve given it enough
non-confrontational but I still don’t hide
I don’t back down, I don’t bide
my footsteps are too big for you to walk in
so don’t waste my time with all that gully talk
cause you have no idea of the storm you taunt tonight
I’m a new level of dominance that would haunt you for life
hang it up now and I promise to be polite
I have a reputation for being a man of my word
so if I say I already won, its the greatest truth you’ve heard
no hesitation, life is lived with an ounce of desperation
everything I do is consequential
carefully thought through, success is sequential
I know my strengths and weaknesses
can’t keep up, I can imagine how bleak this is
if it’s not for me, then I simply don’t do it
I don’t compromise, but you make sure the shoe fits
that’s the difference between me and you
the difference between win and lose

Kings & Queens

what surpasses our empathy
is our abundance of chemistry
we’re something like a symphony
subtle but vibrant, you, the queen of the tyrants
make peace with the king of violence
there’s no greater sight than this alliance
but no greater charm than your defiance
a character of fiction too real to redact
how quick I am to attack
how quick you are to react
but at all times, we have each other’s back

we splurge on love
we don’t just raise the bar, we sit above
we indulge in the simple things
our potential can’t be unseen
as we live like Kings and Queens

we don’t pick and choose our battles
we just lay it on the line every chance we get
waiting for the days I best you
but I relish in the days I get the best you
just to see you try and assert your authority
you love nothing more than to be at war with me
our back and forth struggle of who reigns on the throne
with a subtle desire to make each other home
together, we are something to fight for
our alliance ends wars, and once more
we do it by kicking in front doors
bold as our love, we are a force
and everyone else can agree to disagree
that we are a beginning of a legacy

How many looks can I steal
to have your treasure in my court
despite our differences, I know your worth
you challenge and then ignore me
it drives me wild, makes me crazy
still I choose you as my lady
the queen to rule my domain
the one to lift up my name
carry us as I will carry you
love me however you choose

Tale of Two Cities

we had to learn who we are so that we could make it this far
we had to fail over and over again
just so that we could survive as friends
we had to make mistakes and raise the stakes
just so we could separate what’s real from what’s fake
I was always concerned more about impressing than undressing you
you matter more than anything else in this world
because without you I feel without a world
and even with millions of people surrounding me
your absence always left me feeling empty
but you always have a party, have a crew
I never knew how to keep up the way you do
you alone, piece and hold me together
I pray that you continue to do that forever

whenever I sit and think about you
I become blind to anything less beautiful
and everything and everyone disappears
and it’s always you and me my dear
alone and together, a tale of two cities

but am I really enough satisfy your soul
you are forever young as I grow old
your company is not my company to keep
I’m not from the same set, so I can’t be the perfect piece
I’m only reminded of a time in your life where I didn’t exist
when you disappear from me on sporadic weekend trips
I want to have you all to myself
and you share a piece of you with everyone else
sometimes I feel lost in your priorities, even though I’m still one
but then I know that’s selfish of me, I’m headstrong
no matter how much we have going on, nothing is secure
there’s no weight even on things we planned before
something else comes up and you’re ready to ride
and I feel like scraps tossed to the side
but we’ve always been a tale of two cities
two very different personalities
what offends me doesn’t offend you
and there’s different meaning in the same things we pursue
yet we are so perfect, me and you
and we’re going to do what we do
we never rest knowing the other is hurt
and we always figure it out and make things work

Loyal to Myself

For so long I thought i had the answers for myself
I don’t
Use to convince myself I would be fine without help
I won’t
think the more I let get close, I would overdose on friendship
so if anyone posed a threat of exposing me, it ended
I kept myself well defended, always pretending
what I got was enough because I committed so little
but hated the feeling of playing second fiddle
make myself significant to those I wanted to mean something to
but didn’t know what I already meant, and to who
I heard everyone’s value and wanted to hear mine too
my worth was never verbally expressed
and I’m not one to settle for second best
so when the time came and it was put to the test
so common was I associated with fail
and I learned when it was time to bail

Dynamics change with every given situation
and I think about which archetype I’m replacing
or who I will eventually be replaced with
cause let’s face it, disaster strikes when I’m involved
I’m the riddle that has no means of being solved
since I never know when I have enough
and sometimes I give, take, say too much
or I sometimes say all the right things
knowing how to get under one’s skin
not knowing when to stop or where to begin
sometimes is hard to understand my position
or how you end up in the one I put you in

I’m lost just looking for a home
somewhere I won’t be alone
I’ll be trouble if you take me in
but that’s where life really begins
I’ll challenge you to do better
while remaining Ioyal to myself forever

I don’t want to compete for what I already have
or for the things I should of had
never has anything ever really been mine
not my life, my girl, my time
so I wander as I wonder where I belong
still unclaimed after so long
insecurely penciling the words to this song
reassurance is always in short supply
with an abundance of reasons to cry
making life harder than it needs to be
just to say life wasn’t easy for me
to relate to the suffering I can’t get through
to live the dreams I once never knew

Play On

I march to the beat of my own drum
then I pick up the pace and begin to run
but I don’t know what I’m running from
or maybe its what I’m running towards
I take that blind leap of faith
trusting God will keep me safe
I sometimes fall, but I always survive
I’m not ready to die so I’m still alive
I’m not afraid of death, but of dying too soon
I’m bleeding out, an open wound
a sign that life still flows through me
in this moment, I’m hollow, but not yet empty
and when I’m gone I leave a scar
to remind this world that I’ve come so far

I’ve been on this path for so long
i just let the drum play on
the beat sets the pace
competing in a race already lost to time
one day will come, one day I will have mine

what am I afraid of?
never changing from what I changed to
the monster I became to make you
the angel I impersonated to take you
afraid it’s too late to become someone new
we never met if I’m not the person you once knew
I am the leader of an army of one
who wants to understand me, the lost son
from a different place, a different time
the only truth I know is mine
a war machine created to keep peace
but I spread conflict like a disease
flood the world with hope and faith
but watch it waste away and evaporate

Fueled by all the wrong I’ve done
and the wrong that has yet to come
I try to do right, like I can redeem my light
which burns dimly cause I’m my worst enemy
my potential is what I envy
so many things that I pretend to be
hoping that it eventually brings out a better me
but I am exactly what I chose to be
in the time I’ve been given to change
I’ve only reflected on those I thought I protected
and there comes a time when I’m rejected
and its humbling to know where failure begins
is when they start to open up and let me in

Let Me In

how should I feel when you keep me in the dark?
when you don’t share what’s on your mind?
but instead remain silent the entire time
like I’ve done something wrong
I can only be so strong for so long
so secure, until doubt creeps in
I’m no longer sure where to begin
how do I get it through to you
you’re not simply just hurting you
its a roller-coaster you put me through
one day so full of life and vibrant
but the next you become an island
you’re mind is so often else where
and too often in that else where, I’m not there

you look me in the eyes and say everything’s ok
but anyone else ask, and you have something different to say
push me away and act like I will never understand
maybe sabotage is part of your bigger plan
and I don’t want any part of it
if you throw the shoes at me when they don’t fit
I’m not here for anyone’s convenience
consistency is everything and for the 10th time, I mean it
excuses and apologies get old after the first few times
but now, we’re a juxtaposition in my mind
at a crossroads of contradicting thoughts
as a result of so many actions botched

the hot and the cold, day in and day out
let me in, and let me be without
free my mind from this constant doubt
let me in, and reassure my mind from start
that you intend to let me into your heart

I don’t want to be the last one to know
or the first one to go
this two way street acts more of a one way
I give, but never know what I’ll get any given day
and I can’t pretend like I’m fine accepting that
I don’t play the guessing game, so give some feedback
even when its something you don’t want to discuss
say that instead of treating me with disgust
speak up cause I know you can talk
before the distance between us becomes further than we can walk

What You Were Before Pt. 2 (Before We Were Anything)

I want my friend, but we are always involved
why won’t your passion for me dissolve
I try to show you my dark side, my flaws
but you just ignore and brush them off
you’ve created this illusion
and our relationship gets confusing
this back and forth, this tug of war
between your mind and your heart
is somehow playing with my heart
I know I don’t help the situation
cause maybe I’m afraid to face it
so I make it easy for you to chase it
but this thing you think we have
it’s not what you want so bad

You aren’t entitled, but embattled
I don’t want to have to
don’t want to break your heart
I’ll love you forever, my friend
but before we were anything
we always had our end

It hurts me as much as it hurts you
knowing I can’t make your dreams true
I know I don’t make it easy
but you’ll continue to blame me
and maybe one day hate me
but maybe it is for the best
if it lets you put thoughts of us to rest
we both play the same games
but with me you say it’s not the same
it’s a shame, took this long to admit it to ourselves
we are both right for someone else

Think seeing less of me will make it easy
but I am not easy to forget, hard to regret
what we once were was nothing more
than a performance we chose to endure
we both chose to entertain
I just happened to be better at this game
I took what you created and did nothing but exaggerate it
I’m sorry for your heart ache, your heart break
but this is not an apology for your conscience mistakes
I admit at times, we were both wrong
but it’s time you stopped listening to this siren’s song

What you Were Before

we are ripe and in season
and how many reasons do I have to give?
for you to forgive
my mistakes fuels your hate
I give, you take, but how much can you take?
don’t ask how much I gave
just know you can’t relate
and yet I’m so relate-able
you go from hating me to hating you
once you know what I’ve been through
and what’s to come, and what I’ve undone
the sacrifices made for what was promised
the lifestyle that was so dishonest

you fit me like a glove
you fill me with love
but you burn me like a match
still you are my perfect match
to be nothing more
than what you were before

you tear walls down and invade my mind
you consciousness occupies my time
each minute you are awake
is another second I take
to adore and explore you
our current state of friendship is so toxic
I lie about wanting to and trying to stop it
so we will continue the cycle til the end
I promise to be your unreliable friend
cause I can’t do what’s best for us
I can never give you up

I wipe your eyes, I keep you calm
but we both know it’s all wrong
your comfort in the storm belongs to someone else
I need to admit this to myself
but I won’t be convinced of a thing
until I see you wearing that ring
my heart’s sharpshooter, you depart sooner to avoid the hassle
but I’m not a problem easily resolved through travel
one day I will accept the fact I can’t have you
but I’ll continue to let you entertain me, I’m glad to
so we’ll stubbornly do this back and forth thing
damn well knowing, this is a battle no one wins
we were good friends from the beginning
to think it would be different, who are we kidding
you will always be what you’ve been before
the most special person I know, nothing more

Monster #6

I fear nothing and conquer all
I can either be your rise or fall
choose to embrace me or face me
challenge me and I will destroy you
accept me and I will employ you
you do as I will
you do as I command
I am # 6, and you, a mere man
I am the best at being bad
I am the greatest thing you ever had
I’m in control now, your mind is on hold now
I do all of your thinking
can you tell me what we’re thinking?

Scary, isn’t it?
how good I am at what I do
I am so determined to ruin you
I am every dream you pursue
I make it all come true
so you should be kind to me
there is nothing else behind me
I am the end, the finality
and we are attached at the spine you see
so if I fall, you will die with me
obey and you get immortality

I am the guilty pleasure of your soul
the reason you will never grow old
the reason against all reasonable decisions
this is the world I allow you to live in
why you think you are better than everyone else
has nothing to do with me, and that’s all on yourself
loaded, cocked, and full of arrogance
I am # 6, the best there is…

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