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Lion’s Den

It hurts when someone thinks the worst of you
like they have no recollection of knowing you
your character, your behavior over the years
carries no weight in the eye of your peers
misinterpreted despite it seeming out of character
but there’s no benefit of the doubt, just an ex-factor
a simple miscommunication and you are the worst
like every damn thing in life is suppose to be rehearsed
no mistakes, just the double standard of perfection
everything I do is wrong, even when its in the right direction
paint me as a monster with your alternative facts
show me your real age in the way you act
you blew up no questions asked, over nothing
yet I’m the fucking screw up, ain’t that something


too much time spent in the lion’s den
you start to lose sight of foe from friend
where does the trust begin, where does it end
the only way out of the lion’s mouth
is to choose someone you can do without

apparently we’re not equally responsible for our actions
no accountability in the absurdity in your overreactions
you accuse me of libel and slander, taking everything out of context
to justify and stake your claim in the biggest asshole contest
I have to make peace in a war I didn’t start
I have to be real but you get to play a part
I admit I slip, I own up to my mistakes
but I seem to be the only one making them
at all times, its me apologizing and yet I’m the bad friend
I’m described as a cold soul because I supposedly don’t care
but when you need someone I’m the first one there
always available if you ever needed me to be
but for whatever reasons, you still don’t believe in me

I overestimated how well you knew me
and underestimated how well I knew you
people like you make me a recluse
but I refuse to stand here creating excuses
all we have in common is strife
I recuse myself from your personal life
I’m responsible for every decision I make
every word I say, every action I take
and it was my mistake
but I’m not mad, being so would mean that I care
that was once the case, but I’m no longer there
I’m checking out, there’s nothing good about the route we’re on
you’ve push me off the cliff and now I’m so far gone


If the Old Me Ever Comes Back

growing up, thought being a mystery was cool
no one knew my next move, what I could do
no one knew my past, what I’ve been through
and it made me the coolest kid in school
I always had a dark side
but everyone saw me as the quiet guy
I was perceived as harmless and nice
but was quick to think to harm another life
I was far from perfect
but nobody wanted to see that
I was the perfect example
of how every kid should act


so when I say fuck that
let’s see how they react
when I say fuck you
let’s see what they do
let’s see how they act
if the old me ever comes back

I used to have my darker days
where I prayed before I preyed
on my enemies
but now I pray for those who envy me
I wish well for all who mean well
but that doesn’t mean I won’t go to hell
there’s still work to be done
to repair the damage I’ve done
I use to constantly swear and intimidate
hostile environments, I lived to create
I was always a conflict of interest
thought to be something short of a blessing
I was the right and wrong person to invest in

I set the bar
then I lowered it, to be above it
I’ve come too far
to stress over shit
I learn from the mistakes of others
I don’t have to make them all
so I don’t get high and I remain sober
ignorance will not be my fall
but I take a lot of heat
for being so discrete
for thinking before I act
so how the fuck they want me to act?
reckless and with a complete disregard
of how hard it was to get this far?
I won’t forget where I came from
or who people think I am
but my past is done
and now I am a better man

9.) You are the Monster I Made, I am the Beast you Saved (Green)

purpose returns to my life with you in it

The most beautiful thing I’ve resented

yet the one I’ve always defended

corrupting a path once paved

you are the monster I made

I am the beast you saved


I don’t trust your motives

something about you is unclear

fragmented, you are not all there

but its something about me you fear

I’m just too forward

something so overwhelming

no idea what I’m representing

talking about your beauty and perfection

telling everybody

you were so right for me

by now, thought I would of learned my lesson

no woman is worth that trouble

but with you, we turned masterpieces to rubble


I filled your head up

kept pouring lies into your cup

and you just kept going with it

devouring every second, every minute

you’re going to lose me

the same way I lost you

through insecurity and uncertainty

there’s such a discrepancy

probably best if you don’t mess with me

but let’s ignore it at the moment

we have chemistry, so let’s own it


You kept me grounded

whatever compassion I lost

with you, I found it

we are our own beast

and we feast on every moment

we are reckless

and there’s a checklist

of reasons of why we shouldn’t be

but I am too blind to see


I see the monster in your eyes

you will be my demise

after you have saved my life

I could love you and hate you

spare me the misery and joy of going through

a life without you





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