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Lion’s Den

It hurts when someone thinks the worst of you
like they have no recollection of knowing you
your character, your behavior over the years
carries no weight in the eye of your peers
misinterpreted despite it seeming out of character
but there’s no benefit of the doubt, just an ex-factor
a simple miscommunication and you are the worst
like every damn thing in life is suppose to be rehearsed
no mistakes, just the double standard of perfection
everything I do is wrong, even when its in the right direction
paint me as a monster with your alternative facts
show me your real age in the way you act
you blew up no questions asked, over nothing
yet I’m the fucking screw up, ain’t that something


too much time spent in the lion’s den
you start to lose sight of foe from friend
where does the trust begin, where does it end
the only way out of the lion’s mouth
is to choose someone you can do without

apparently we’re not equally responsible for our actions
no accountability in the absurdity in your overreactions
you accuse me of libel and slander, taking everything out of context
to justify and stake your claim in the biggest asshole contest
I have to make peace in a war I didn’t start
I have to be real but you get to play a part
I admit I slip, I own up to my mistakes
but I seem to be the only one making them
at all times, its me apologizing and yet I’m the bad friend
I’m described as a cold soul because I supposedly don’t care
but when you need someone I’m the first one there
always available if you ever needed me to be
but for whatever reasons, you still don’t believe in me

I overestimated how well you knew me
and underestimated how well I knew you
people like you make me a recluse
but I refuse to stand here creating excuses
all we have in common is strife
I recuse myself from your personal life
I’m responsible for every decision I make
every word I say, every action I take
and it was my mistake
but I’m not mad, being so would mean that I care
that was once the case, but I’m no longer there
I’m checking out, there’s nothing good about the route we’re on
you’ve push me off the cliff and now I’m so far gone


Hello Tomorrow

I used to have some dark days

but now they’re all behind me

used to dwell on them everyday

and it used to blind me

living life through trial and error

hopeless romantic attempts at finding forever


I don’t need anything promised to me

I just want everyone to let me be

let me fall in love with nature

she’s part of my world, so let me date her

in peace, let us find harmony

she’s the only who can disarm me


I want to feel her touch on my skin

her sweet whispers guided by the wind

her tears falls just like the rain

so we seek shelter from the pain

because we know there’s always tomorrow

a new day, we say goodbye to the sorrow

we smile with the rising sun

she takes my hand and we go for a run

she guides me to a lake

where we first met, our first date

we stop as we hear the leaves rustle

…she says “I love you”


I awake to find no one there

just myself and the crisp cool air

but I can still feel her in my heart

a dream realized, we aren’t so far apart

no reason to feel any amount of sorrow

one day closer to her, so I smile and say, Hello Tomorrow



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