Self-Destructive (The Cool Kids)

I know what it’s like to watch your heroes fall
see their true colors, flaws and all
my name is Paul and I’ve failed to live up to my potential
I’m a psycho residential with a dark destiny
yesterday was a brighter day, but nightfall rests in me
impatient and unpredictable in a life so cyclical
read my story but don’t expect it to be biblical
I’m far from average, but not in the way you’d hope
I’m the punchline, life’s a fucking joke…

My name is Jacob and I’ve let myself down
I drown day in and day out in a sea of self pity
life can be shit and the way I cope is shitty
I entertain the guilty pleasures
the women, the drugs, the liquor
my heart is heavy, my veins are empty
I want to forget who I am
before I remember that I once had a plan
so let me indulge in the good life, get good high
wide awake, doing whatever it takes to get by
I’m all about that material life
and I must admit I like strife
my name is Kerri, this is my confessional
I’m the best at being fucked up, I’m a professional
I let them love me then I play mind games
I’m ill spirited, just doing it for the fame
appetite for the glory, listen to my upstart story
I’m self-made, look at the monster I’ve created
every time I thought about doing better, I hesitated
I only know one way, right or wrong, that’s my way
I know I should do better, but not today
I throw myself into work and twerk mentality, cause reality hurts and saddens me…

my name is Sarah, twin sister of Tara
she’s so self confident, so secure
I’m the rebel child, they label me the whore
but the difference is I’m a little less conservative
Tara worships God, but I don’t worship ish
and that puts a strain on my familial relationships
they hate me, they judge me, they feel superior
they see what’s on the surface, not the interior
I’m treated as a pariah for my freedom of thought
the irony of the persecution from those who can’t walk what they talk
so I bully those for those who bully me
I believe in a me first economy
and say fuck the religious philosophy

All the cool kids say:

we fall on our knees pleading
life’s too hard, we’re conceding
let us give up on society
shaping us to be looked down upon
let’s close our eyes and all be gone…

flawed til the day we fall
we were constructed to be self-destructive
so we say fuck it
live the life we lead
live it how we please


19.) The Letter (Blue)

540 days after we first met, 186 days after we first kissed…

you became an illusion

an idea I should dismiss

your kisses irrelevant

because they no longer represent

who we both thought you were

a different woman from the one I fell for…


I care about you more than others could comprehend

I would of fought for you til the very end

I did for you what no one else would

I was the only one to believe you were any good

but this makes no difference to you

so I can no longer pursue

this one sided affair

You’ve shown how little you care

how little you have invested

how ugly you can really be

you were too unstable to mess with

so I place that blame on me


So much sacrifice

trying to get it right

our future looked so bright


a bulb blew as I write about you tonight…


there’s not much left to say

as your lack of response

it said more than enough

I wrote you too many times

not to hear one word

you wanted someone to write

and that’s why this hurts

none of this made any sense

but I can no longer expend

time on a false, conditional friend

we have reached the end of our time

I’ve written my final letter…I resign