I hate that we happen so effortlessly
sometimes there’s too much chemistry
for you to be with him, and not with me
and I almost lose it at the mere thought
that he’ll be at the end of the aisle you walk
that he is the one you really dream of
even though life is what happens when we team up
is it wrong that I entertain the thought of you being mine?
we share a bond that crosses so many lines
like its been there since the beginning of time
and I don’t want to wait for us not to happen
for us to start thinking what could of happened

my desire for you is a habit
we run on magic
we’re so close and so distant
with none of the same interests
yet I’m still interested
something about us keeps it going
the magic is in the mystery of not knowing

I always get caught up and seem to get it wrong
but there’s a trust we’ve shared for so long
though I’m still not sure I really know you
it feels like of all things, its my life I owe you
because everything changed when you became a regular
I see you everyday and still dream about forever
the difference you make in my demeanor
the way you make my arid heart a little greener
there’s something too real about how we connect
I want to make mistakes with you and have no regret
I want your heart to be mine to protect
despite how in stone our lives are set

It should say something, that we think nothing
that everyone else sees us as something
what we are is a match that occurs too naturally
for you I have nothing but love, actually
maybe I’m attracted to your other worldly side
It might be the way you are so alive
you know the truth that my eyes can’t hide
it’s you I confide it, because you let me in
but with no end in sight with him
there’s no real way for us to begin
we can always try to live this dream
but we’ll always be in between
the difference between something good and something great
a little too early and a little too late


Give Me You

Tell me that I am the one you think of
when I’m not around on your day off
without words,show me that you love me
without hesitation, love me proudly
promise me, you’ll be my friend
tell me you want a relationship that never ends
hug me simply because I’m there
and kiss me without a thought, without a care

show me love, give me affection
signal me in the right direction
give me more of you
more of everything I find so beautiful
I don’t want something old, something new
I will always only want you

I wake up in love with your presence in my life
let me know what I’m doing is right
or if I could do more for the woman I adore
because sometimes we forget, sometimes we neglect our passion
take each other for granted
but let’s make sure those roots don’t hold if the seed’s been planted
speak like you believe in our future
not just another man, treat me as your final suitor
don’t be distant, don’t be cold
I don’t want to grow bitter and old
as you are my youth, you are my truth

hold me, take my hand and express your love
ease my doubts about the above
rest my mind against your chest
give me the time to be your best
as I aspire to love you to the moon and beyond
because limits with you are long gone
you bring new meaning into my world
be proud to be my queen, my girl
give me what you can
what you can only give your man
give me what I let no one else give
A burning desire to love and live

7 Day Forecast

Each and every day I’ll care for you
I’ll love you when it rains
I’ll love you through the pain
and when the sun shines and dries your tears
I’m still there to show you I care
and when the wind blows forever from tomorrow
I’m right by your side even in the time I must borrow
from sunrise to sunset
from Monday to Sunday I’ll never forget
how much you mean to me
my dreams realized each time I gaze in your eyes
I just want to lay right by your side
and appreciate everything about you
no day of the week can replace you
through the good and the bad
you will have everything I have

Our love will survive any forecast
our love will last as it always has
with patience to let the storm pass
love is our 7 day forecast
as we continue to nurture what we have

We will make it hot and make it wet
maybe break a little sweat
always ready and always set
to go all the way everyday
with a passion always growing in new ways
you make it so easy to love you everyday
so hard to part those days I want you to stay
because you compliment me in every way
I am my strongest, my most honest with myself
around you in a way like with no one else
you give me the strength of a hurricane
and when you hurt, I’ll wash and blow away the pain
cause we know when it rains, it pours
but I only prepare to love you more as we endure

you are my sea breeze
each day with you is a day at the beach
warm and gentle touch
already enough, but you’re like perfect weather
making any type of day better
every day of the week
we forever peak
each week of the year
I love you more my dear
each year of my life
I promise to do right
to make sure our forecast always lasts

Queen with the Wild Hair

Let me take us back to the good old days
The ones from yesterday, tomorrow, and today
Every day with you in my life
Is another day done right
My love for you, my greatest accomplishment
So proud of everything thing you represent
My heart is yours without hesitation
No thought required, no contemplating
I already know how much you mean to me
And I plan to show you, and the world can see
I am so grateful that I have you
A testament that dreams do come true
I prayed for the day I could hold you again
Feel the warmth from my lover, my friend
And it will always amaze me
How you can make one man feel so lucky

You are that lily, that rose
You are, truth be told
The most beautiful woman I know
The most serene, most sincere
My Queen with the wild hair

We never know a good thing until it’s gone
But baby I tell you, they got it wrong
I knew your worth from day one
And a lifetime later, it still will go on
Your impact on my life is never overlooked
You are never overshadowed, never overbooked
I’ll always have time for you in my world
For you, I will create time that didn’t exist before
Just so that I can see you a little bit more
You are the right amount of everything I need
I’m high on your scent in the air that I breathe
You are proof that imperfections can be flawless
Everything you are, I want all of it
You bring me comfort and peace
Put the chaos in my mind at ease

You make it so easy to love everything about you
And so hard to imagine a life without you
I will never doubt you
I have complete faith and trust in us
Even when things begin to get rough
Our trials and tribulations
Are outmatched by our love and patience
We are ourselves, true and unique
And my desire for you, nothing can compete
You are such a treat, from head to toe, your mind and soul
So sweet, that you should know
Wherever you go, my heart will follow

Alien Girl

Time takes its time around you
time froze the moment I found you
nothing made sense
nothing was what I knew
the moment I found you
I don’t know what exactly it takes
but I think we should exchange stories and relate
let me give you a tour
of my dysfunctional world
let me try to impress you
with my list of issues
cause I’m only human after all
so think about it, can I give you a call?

There’s no trying to understand it
Just admit that you’re from another planet
you are some sort of alien girl
because you are so out of this world

we should meet up and go for a run
wait…running is no fun
plus you don’t have any running shoes
but now we have the perfect excuse
to relax and do absolutely nothing
and nothing always turns to something
so here’s what I’m trying to say
I want to do nothing with you today
but I want everything to do with you everyday
so I think we should get a little crazy
and you should go on a date with me
I may not be your usual type, right species, right height
but I promise you an unforgettable night

you don’t have to impress me
just let me hold your hand
let me know what it feels like to be your man
even if this is only temporary
broken, but still willing to give the best of me
I’m not suggesting that I need a commitment
I just think we have what it takes for new beginnings
I’m willing to try if you are
let’s work towards something and see if it goes far
I’m not asking you to make any sacrifices
you have your own path, I realize this
maybe you weren’t planning to encounter me
but that’s no reason why we can’t see
if we might be more than an illusion
more than just a dream, I believe we are a reality ready to be proven


what does it take
to undo our mistakes
restore your faith
in me, in you
can we, renew…

our meaning to one another
I love you like no other
so we have our ups and downs
but I always stick around
I don’t run from any adversity
cause at the end of the day
I still want you and me
you can trust that I’ll try
never do you have to ask why
I’m there for the good and bad
to show you a love you never had
we can make it all possible
my heart beats for everyone, but stops for you

what does it take to get through to you
that I only want you
I won’t settle for someone less
cannot accept second best
why should I become complacent
I can’t get over you
you have no replacement
and here I am
trying to make a statement
being the one man
persistent, trying to get through to you
but you’re resistant to something true

not ready for something long term
a commitment is not of your concern
so we pretend and we fake
like being together is a mistake
so we hold back
worried about how to react
to that denial in our hearts
not knowing where to start
we’ll keep flirting and denying
but I won’t keep lying
everyone knows that, it’s so easy to see
in all honesty, if we allowed us to be
there’s nothing more complete than you and me

20.) My Resignation (Blue)

I will not be your comfort zone
I will no longer be a 2nd home
when you want somewhere to be
that place will no longer be with me
you let me down in such a destructive way
so full of games that I will not play
for too long I entertained
all the screwed up things in your brain
all of the hypocrisy that I let slide
because it was in me you confide
the lies I told to protect you from yourself
the lengths I went for no one else

the pain that I endured
because you gave me no closure
never told me it was over
left me alone, feeling so wrong
it’s time I resign and move on

I won’t be there by your side
I won’t check if you’re alright
you lost the right, to have the best of me
you don’t even deserve my worst
it was you who abandoned me first
I was always there in your time of need
but not once did you ask about me
never showed interest in how I was doing
left me to find out on my own, I’m not the man you’re pursuing
sabotaged a good thing, left us as a ruin
hurt people, hurt people and I get that
but it’s not like you ever wanted me back
never expressed any remorse
for the course you took with me, your friend
not once did you explain why we reached an end

If you took responsibilities for your actions
I’m sure none of this would have happened
even if things didn’t work out between us
we would still have some sort of trust
some type of bond, someone to lean on
but don’t come to me looking for help
I leave you as you left me, alone, by yourself
you were never there when I needed you
only around if it benefited you
your sincerity has lost all value
I don’t trust a word that comes from you
you stand by your claim of integrity
but your heart is hollow, you’re shallow, you’re empty
and I’ve dealt with your bullshit plenty
now pretend like you never met me
because to me, you are a void in my memory