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Never Satisfied

I rise early with a mind full of thoughts
contemplating every decision I’ve ever made
every dollar spent, every penny saved
I should be rested, but I’m so tired
so restless from the chaos my mind conspires
tormented because I’ll never be satisfied
yet unimpressed by the thought of a perfect life
I feel the knife piercing the back of my head
when I lay down, I feel the weight of lead
the weight of the world on my shoulders
I close my eyes embracing the thought of it being over
there is so much to desire, fantasies so sublime
I want it all, all at once, or just over time
I can never make up my damn mind

I can’t be sure if she’ll ever be mine
I can’t be sure if I’ll have enough time
to live the life I want to live
cause I’ll never be satisfied knowing there’s more
I’m never satisfied just being alive

I apply logic to every decision I make
a rational approach to every action I take
not a man to live spur of the moment
there’s always a plan, premeditated, and I own it
but if spontaneity weighs on me
I know how to let go and be free
but that’s just not me on a daily basis
time creates opportunity, and I won’t waste it
there’s is always something on my mind
always seeking answers with the mentality seek and you shall find
I’m a know it all that still doesn’t know enough
the life of the party, but not entertaining enough
but nothing is enough, even when I have too much

I’m on a quest for more, my mind is never satisfied
a taste and hunger for more, insatiable appetite
I think I know what I want, but I’m not really sure
cause when I have it, I still want something more
and there is always something about the greener grass
I love everything that I have, but I also love her ass
I don’t want to own, yet I’m saving for a home
I want no debt, yet I date the queen of student loans
I make sense to myself, but to no one else
I’m selfish with everyone, but myself
I know what I want, but then I don’t
I know what I want, but I’m not really sure
I won’t be indecisive anymore
or will I?
I can’t be sure


Window of Opportunity

you’ve been finding myself over the years

envious of less successful peers

cause they have the love they need

but still aspire for greed

no amount of material can fill the void

left from the absence of a feeling they avoid

the same one that you patiently seek

time waits for no one, including the meek

with so much to be grateful for

how dare you focus on wanting more

but that seems to be human nature

he has her, but still wants to date her

no appreciate of the little things

no idea where life really begins


we get one chance to get it right

but that won’t be happening tonight

too many irrelevant things to focus on

keep trying until you get it wrong

life keeps collapsing around me

as you search for your window of opportunity


Look at the time wasted working hard

just to have someone get just as far

not cause they worked, but cause they networked

degrades your value, damn, that hurt

you do all you can and they still want more

grab and hold on, but still not sure

of the realism of you goals and aspirations

because of a thought provoking challenge you’re facing

true colors show in the face of adversity

these thoughts are beginning to hurt me

cause you hate the thought of anyone missing out

cause their mind is cluttered with so much doubt


a lot of things in this life will defeat you

drag you through the mud til it turns to dirt

and no doubt in my mind, you’ll be hurt

and the pain will keep pouring on

cause the storm is never done

its a matter of learning how to weather it

there’s the rope, now tether it

get it together

you can be down but you’re not out

be there when you need yourself the most


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