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Loneliness the Tyrant

there’s a coldness surrounding me

loneliness is holding on to me

it’s clawing at my core

it wants me to love it more

more than anyone or anything else

it wants me to be by myself

have no one to depend on

it antagonizes loved ones, until they’re all gone


loneliness is a tyrant

trying to dictate my every move

trying to make me forget about you

emptiness tries to create a void

so that I want to avoid

everything, everyone

it wants to be the only one


can you feel it, it is so strong

If I give in, would I be wrong?

why keep on fighting and trying

for things that keep on dying?

like friendships and the fame

seeking answers for all this pain

when I can abandon it all the same

it wants me to forget my name

forget my past, implode my future

it wants to define me as a loser


It tries to tell me I’m irrelevant

but I am simply too resilient

it absolutely hates my persistence

my resistance doesn’t provide for much hope

it grabs my throat in hopes I choke

it hopes it arouses a fear that has me gasping for air

but yellow is not the color I wear

and I do not easily scare


15.) Blue

depression sets in

I accept that your heart, I cannot win

I’ve lost, I’m lost

I am missing, left in a void


avoid me, my broken soul

I grow bitter and I grow cold

a broken man, yet again in repair

because you could not care

you would not fight as I fought

and you were the warrior? I thought

my vision of you is disrupted

the sadness you bring goes uninterrupted

it consumes me as it once engulfed you

we are now one in the same…Blue


dejected in the prime of our lives

rejected, tears fill our eyes

hollow to this common feeling of rejection

this is heartbreak’s resurrection

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