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8.) Green

I am envious, I am jealous
you make me act pretentious
I am proud, yet you made me insecure
am I the only one touching you anymore?
I want you more than time itself
but I am alone in my feelings, by myself
was this not our chance to know
I thought there was the light that told me to go
you make your past prospects into my enemy
seeming more into them than you were ever into me
I can’t compete with your countrymen
that is a battle I would never win
I am irrelevant in your presence
I just want to be part of your present
love me
feed my need for your affection
quench my misguided obsession
I only desire your attention

The man who gets to marry you
sleep and wake up next to you
that brings you joy and cause you pain
I envy that he does not have my name

Green is the color of envy, guilt, and greed
green is what you have given me in my time of need

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