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Glass Elevator

You can see my rise and my fall
my affairs, a window that bares it all
my ascend and decline
you see what could be yours and try to take mine
just because my life is on full display
I see beyond the stars, no telescope
people have me under a microscope
waiting for the moment I choke
even being humble and accepting my flaws
they still want to strip me down of it all
everything I work for, everything I hurt for
I give it all and they still want more

there are those that wish me success
want to see me at my best
and then there are the rest
the ones that you least likely expect
friendships become more than friendly rivalries
they drown in the river of jealousy
and proclaim themselves my enemy
my greatest accomplishment are the bonds I’m able to form
the people I can count on to keep my interpretation of this world warm
I’ve been climbing from darkness since I was born
and the closer I get to finding my way out
the inconsistencies often fill me with doubt
sometimes it feels better to hide
being seen, not being seen
what do you do when neither feels right?

I don’t fear judgement, but I know it’s there
I feel the pressure, I feel their stares
I live in a glass elevator with mirrors reflecting back
but no one sees them-self, they just see the cracks

I’m an open book still judged by its cover
an innate ability to relate to another
I’ve built myself from the ground up as rubble
but I’m told I could never understand
I would never feel the pain of another man
because I don’t have qualifying struggles
I see a part of me in every friend, every enemy
I see their reflection, I feel their pain
I give a damn, even if I don’t know their name
but how many casting stones can say the same


20.) My Resignation (Blue)

I will not be your comfort zone
I will no longer be a 2nd home
when you want somewhere to be
that place will no longer be with me
you let me down in such a destructive way
so full of games that I will not play
for too long I entertained
all the screwed up things in your brain
all of the hypocrisy that I let slide
because it was in me you confide
the lies I told to protect you from yourself
the lengths I went for no one else

the pain that I endured
because you gave me no closure
never told me it was over
left me alone, feeling so wrong
it’s time I resign and move on

I won’t be there by your side
I won’t check if you’re alright
you lost the right, to have the best of me
you don’t even deserve my worst
it was you who abandoned me first
I was always there in your time of need
but not once did you ask about me
never showed interest in how I was doing
left me to find out on my own, I’m not the man you’re pursuing
sabotaged a good thing, left us as a ruin
hurt people, hurt people and I get that
but it’s not like you ever wanted me back
never expressed any remorse
for the course you took with me, your friend
not once did you explain why we reached an end

If you took responsibilities for your actions
I’m sure none of this would have happened
even if things didn’t work out between us
we would still have some sort of trust
some type of bond, someone to lean on
but don’t come to me looking for help
I leave you as you left me, alone, by yourself
you were never there when I needed you
only around if it benefited you
your sincerity has lost all value
I don’t trust a word that comes from you
you stand by your claim of integrity
but your heart is hollow, you’re shallow, you’re empty
and I’ve dealt with your bullshit plenty
now pretend like you never met me
because to me, you are a void in my memory


17.) I Knew it was Over (Blue)

Be jealous of how much my heart broke because of you

remember how much it pained me when I lost you

because now you know how much I truly cared

and it answers your question of why no good men are out there

you throw them away and I was another victim

with me one day, next thing, you’re with him

you didn’t want to hurt or let me down

but instead made me look and feel like a clown

still, I don’t hold it against you

everyone thinks Its my right to resent you

but I can’t do that

something holds me back

even if I’m I’m angry and upset

I still don’t have an ounce of regret

I complain then defend your name

because I choose to feel your pain


I knew it was over when you couldn’t love me

felt it the last time you hugged me

our last kiss, I knew it was our last

that moment, I knew I became your past


you held grudges that kept us apart

there was a darkness still left in you heart

and I wasn’t the remedy to help you heal

so I hoped, but knew that you would never feel

for me in a way that would matter

but still, I didn’t expect my heart to shatter

the way it did, my bid for you wasn’t enough

I couldn’t convince you that I was enough

there was the time you drank too much

so hungover the next day, you stood me up

cancelled on us, what you did was so wrong

but guess your admission of guilt was a turn on

cause I stuck around to fall for it again

pretending I didn’t know this was our end


You stopped looking me in the eyes

feeling guilty from all of your lies

but you still continued, didn’t you?

I wasn’t worth being true to

I caught on to them, but never called you out

because I wasn’t looking for a way out

I pushed myself to hold on

knowing you were so wrong

knowing we were so wrong

but I wanted you for so long

I kept going, knowing I was so wrong

we were so wrong


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