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Cigars and Pixie Sticks

Don’t stretch my love too far, we just started
the idea of me and you leaves scars, my future is brokenhearted
we go together like cigars and pixie sticks
life has thrown us into the mix
something about us doesn’t add up
I took 50 shots for you and hit 60 bricks
there’s no settling when you fight for a friend
but there’s always going to be love for you in the end
I would of fallen in love with you in another life
you would of been my muse, my mistress and my wife
we may never be together
but that’s not to say we weren’t meant for each other
we are challenging to say the least
but in the midst of all our chaos, you bring me peace
when I have all my riches, it’s with you I want to feast
so save room in your heart for me, would you please

we’re too different, we wouldn’t be compatible
I’ve heard every possible reason out of you
we go together like cigars and pixie sticks
something doesn’t stir you well, we don’t mix
we’re strangers doing the strangest things
I recklessly let you in, chaos is what we bring

We’ve earned our rankings among the greatest
Hall of fame contenders in a game we haven’t played yet
but the fans keep cheering as we continue to slay it
we know what we are, so there’s no reason to say it
even when the dust settles, things aren’t as clear as they should be
despite our differences, the question is where and what would we be
if things were easy, but the epitome of us is the lack of simplicity
we are filled with frivolity, but your value is something I take seriously
chemistry is at our core, even when we try to forget
take it back to when we first met
first impressions carry little weight now
though I couldn’t let go of mine if I even knew how
you were exotic, intoxicating, almost erotic
and I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time
we could be a catalyst for some of the best times
if we could for a moment be out of our minds

we go back and forth so much, we’re rowing in the Olympics
I have so many secrets, but you still know all my business
you know way more about me than I know about you
is that how it’s supposed to be, cause I’m used to being the mystery
no one has been less readable, but we’re filled with predictability
not to say it’s a bad thing, I just know what I’m getting when I let you in
our bond is a brand and I sell it with pride
we go through some things, but I don’t hide
some days the timing is wrong and the line to get through to you is long
and I start thinking what type of shit my heart’s on to be so strong
biased towards you, so many free passes even when you’re wrong
we go days without talking to prove a point we can do without each other
but even if we could, why would we begin to bother
you’ve always been dangerous for my security
but nothing about you worries me
It’s all about the life I don’t have and the one I want
you can give me the life I want to flaunt


Tale of Two Cities

we had to learn who we are so that we could make it this far
we had to fail over and over again
just so that we could survive as friends
we had to make mistakes and raise the stakes
just so we could separate what’s real from what’s fake
I was always concerned more about impressing than undressing you
you matter more than anything else in this world
because without you I feel without a world
and even with millions of people surrounding me
your absence always left me feeling empty
but you always have a party, have a crew
I never knew how to keep up the way you do
you alone, piece and hold me together
I pray that you continue to do that forever

whenever I sit and think about you
I become blind to anything less beautiful
and everything and everyone disappears
and it’s always you and me my dear
alone and together, a tale of two cities

but am I really enough satisfy your soul
you are forever young as I grow old
your company is not my company to keep
I’m not from the same set, so I can’t be the perfect piece
I’m only reminded of a time in your life where I didn’t exist
when you disappear from me on sporadic weekend trips
I want to have you all to myself
and you share a piece of you with everyone else
sometimes I feel lost in your priorities, even though I’m still one
but then I know that’s selfish of me, I’m headstrong
no matter how much we have going on, nothing is secure
there’s no weight even on things we planned before
something else comes up and you’re ready to ride
and I feel like scraps tossed to the side
but we’ve always been a tale of two cities
two very different personalities
what offends me doesn’t offend you
and there’s different meaning in the same things we pursue
yet we are so perfect, me and you
and we’re going to do what we do
we never rest knowing the other is hurt
and we always figure it out and make things work

Loyal to Myself

For so long I thought i had the answers for myself
I don’t
Use to convince myself I would be fine without help
I won’t
think the more I let get close, I would overdose on friendship
so if anyone posed a threat of exposing me, it ended
I kept myself well defended, always pretending
what I got was enough because I committed so little
but hated the feeling of playing second fiddle
make myself significant to those I wanted to mean something to
but didn’t know what I already meant, and to who
I heard everyone’s value and wanted to hear mine too
my worth was never verbally expressed
and I’m not one to settle for second best
so when the time came and it was put to the test
so common was I associated with fail
and I learned when it was time to bail

Dynamics change with every given situation
and I think about which archetype I’m replacing
or who I will eventually be replaced with
cause let’s face it, disaster strikes when I’m involved
I’m the riddle that has no means of being solved
since I never know when I have enough
and sometimes I give, take, say too much
or I sometimes say all the right things
knowing how to get under one’s skin
not knowing when to stop or where to begin
sometimes is hard to understand my position
or how you end up in the one I put you in

I’m lost just looking for a home
somewhere I won’t be alone
I’ll be trouble if you take me in
but that’s where life really begins
I’ll challenge you to do better
while remaining Ioyal to myself forever

I don’t want to compete for what I already have
or for the things I should of had
never has anything ever really been mine
not my life, my girl, my time
so I wander as I wonder where I belong
still unclaimed after so long
insecurely penciling the words to this song
reassurance is always in short supply
with an abundance of reasons to cry
making life harder than it needs to be
just to say life wasn’t easy for me
to relate to the suffering I can’t get through
to live the dreams I once never knew

We Were Champions

I’ve chased you for years, followed you into battle
never left your side, I was your shadow
I know you never asked, I never had to
but I gave you the benefit of the doubt
and promised you, you wouldn’t be without
that one to count on, the loyalty you sought for so long
but treating you like royalty is where I went wrong
you made my words your own, my place your home
but all this time, your vibrant colors weren’t shown
shielded by your armor that keeps me out
fooled by your lies that I was one you couldn’t do without
but whenever I needed you, I had to do without
that support once assumed to be mutual, wasn’t this time
twist my words that were yours that were once mine

we were champions, we would win
every battle we’d begin and end together
two survivors burnt by the fire
now we wage war against each other
no victory in fighting my brother

I’m fuming and fueled by much frustration
your assistance always came with such hesitation
like you couldn’t make the decisions for yourself
always waiting for the approval of someone else
In life or death, I’d once give my last breath
but now all that has been laid to rest
I can’t count on someone without a mind
it begins to add up, the missing vertebrae from your spine
we were a force, and of course I took the lower road
so that you could shine all high and mighty
but remember the mighty fall
and on this day you’ll remember my name being called
no mercy, no patience
I’m just a result of what you once created
the sum of its parts after you betrayed it

We were made to be equals
you made me out to be your sequel
years in the making, with my life for the taking
a sacrifice to be made in order to survive
cause you could never do any wrong
so it was my name you dragged on
instead of owning up to your issues
treated me like a piece of tissue
but you had it, had me all wrong
you let me grow to become too strong
and I don’t back down, I will fight
you try to rule with a bark, but I bite
you react without seeing the totality
I’m focused, I see your legacy’s mortality

What You Were Before Pt. 2 (Before We Were Anything)

I want my friend, but we are always involved
why won’t your passion for me dissolve
I try to show you my dark side, my flaws
but you just ignore and brush them off
you’ve created this illusion
and our relationship gets confusing
this back and forth, this tug of war
between your mind and your heart
is somehow playing with my heart
I know I don’t help the situation
cause maybe I’m afraid to face it
so I make it easy for you to chase it
but this thing you think we have
it’s not what you want so bad

You aren’t entitled, but embattled
I don’t want to have to
don’t want to break your heart
I’ll love you forever, my friend
but before we were anything
we always had our end

It hurts me as much as it hurts you
knowing I can’t make your dreams true
I know I don’t make it easy
but you’ll continue to blame me
and maybe one day hate me
but maybe it is for the best
if it lets you put thoughts of us to rest
we both play the same games
but with me you say it’s not the same
it’s a shame, took this long to admit it to ourselves
we are both right for someone else

Think seeing less of me will make it easy
but I am not easy to forget, hard to regret
what we once were was nothing more
than a performance we chose to endure
we both chose to entertain
I just happened to be better at this game
I took what you created and did nothing but exaggerate it
I’m sorry for your heart ache, your heart break
but this is not an apology for your conscience mistakes
I admit at times, we were both wrong
but it’s time you stopped listening to this siren’s song

What you Were Before

we are ripe and in season
and how many reasons do I have to give?
for you to forgive
my mistakes fuels your hate
I give, you take, but how much can you take?
don’t ask how much I gave
just know you can’t relate
and yet I’m so relate-able
you go from hating me to hating you
once you know what I’ve been through
and what’s to come, and what I’ve undone
the sacrifices made for what was promised
the lifestyle that was so dishonest

you fit me like a glove
you fill me with love
but you burn me like a match
still you are my perfect match
to be nothing more
than what you were before

you tear walls down and invade my mind
you consciousness occupies my time
each minute you are awake
is another second I take
to adore and explore you
our current state of friendship is so toxic
I lie about wanting to and trying to stop it
so we will continue the cycle til the end
I promise to be your unreliable friend
cause I can’t do what’s best for us
I can never give you up

I wipe your eyes, I keep you calm
but we both know it’s all wrong
your comfort in the storm belongs to someone else
I need to admit this to myself
but I won’t be convinced of a thing
until I see you wearing that ring
my heart’s sharpshooter, you depart sooner to avoid the hassle
but I’m not a problem easily resolved through travel
one day I will accept the fact I can’t have you
but I’ll continue to let you entertain me, I’m glad to
so we’ll stubbornly do this back and forth thing
damn well knowing, this is a battle no one wins
we were good friends from the beginning
to think it would be different, who are we kidding
you will always be what you’ve been before
the most special person I know, nothing more

Make a Scene

there’s no need to be discrete

cause once we meet

there’s no going back

there is no forgetting

every second, every minute

my eyes, you’re in it

my sights are set

my target is locked


so give me everything thing you got

test the waters, take a shot

let’s jump, let’s scream

let us make a scene


We endure and perform

let’s work up a perfect storm

we mix and we tangle

tell me how much you can handle

cause we push the limits

no rules, we’re just in it

to fulfill a dream

to make a scene


wild is always the best

let me undress you my lioness

we can relieve some of the stress

being the animals we are

we can excite and delight each other

satisfy my appetite for a lover

let’s dream then live out a party

where we just don’t care

we do whatever we dare

Gratitude For Sale

If they’re willing to pay

then you’re willing to play

sounds like prostitution

but it’s written in your constitution

branded in your system of beliefs

that if you do as they want

you’ll receive gratitude for your grief

but maybe you’re just not worth it

your status is beneath the money they worship

but no reason to mind giving them that time

if it means you’ll be richer by about a dime

flashbacks to the day you removed your spine

so that it’s easier for people to walk all over you

no backing out of doing what they want you to


Anything for a quick fix

even willing to make yourself sick

for some gratitude

they’re selling, you’re buying

as long as they’re supplying

you’ll never fail getting gratitude for sale


Thank you, thank you, they’re far too kind

or not, maybe you’re just far too blind

you give just to get something in return

taught not to play with fire, but you love the way it burns

so you find yourself in trouble frequently

surrounded by people with no decency

but you are no better, yourself

you expect something from everyone else

whether it’s gratitude or pity

because for them, you make yourself pretty

you make so many sacrifices

and it’s wrong if people don’t recognize this

you are everyone’s favorite power tool

it takes no effort for them to get the best of you


Keep doing what you do

they see nothing special about you

just plotting what move to make next

to capitalize on that naive organ in your chest

don’t know who you are trying to impress

burning yourself out

because you don’t know how to be without

50 best friends, 47 who pretend

but it’s all a numbers game

buying and selling affection with no shame


Can’t Give You Up

you’re so worried you’ll lose your friends

but you will lose me in the process

because we can’t make mends

why are you so scared?

why are you worried?

after all of these years

don”t you think we would be prepared

why can’t we commit?

why do we bullshit?

we have so much chemistry after so many years

our relationship is not that of our peers

but if you choose me

you lose them?

why is this our current situation?


Think by treating me the same as everyone else

you are protecting yourself

I’m not just another friend in your life

so don’t think that’s what is right

or is that you can never love me?

something about me is so ugly?

are you just kind for kindness sake?

is any of this real or is it all fake?

tell me failure is not our fate

we are so loving and playful

so why can’t I date you?

do you hate me? or do you hate you?

do I lack depth?

is it our time together, you still regret?

or am I not tall enough? what is it?

can I call your bluff?

cause there’s no reason it should be so tough

not when we mean so much


you’re going to lose me if you don’t choose me

we both know that this day was coming

can’t forever chase a heart that keeps running…


so return to me

or just murder me

cause I don’t want to live without you

I can’t face a world without you in it

not for one minute

not without you in it

our time, maybe you can, but I can’t forget

so I can’t give you up yet

without giving up on everything else

without losing myself

No Friend of Mine

ok so I give you my time

and you decide to play with it

I’m sorry, I can’t hear what you’re saying

your mouth seems to be so full of shit

and all I hear from you are excuses

I should of known trusting you was useless

but I thought how many time could one person do this

there’s an undeniable trend of you being an up and down friend

but you have nothing to lose so why the fuck pretend

and why waste both our time

knowing you can’t make up your damn mind


I called you out and you called my bluff

but there comes a time when I’ve had enough

make me out to be a fool

I don’t have time for people like you

No respect or regard towards my time

qualities found in no friend of mine


Inconsistency doesn’t bode well with me

and you preach the same relentlessly

but you are a contradiction to all you desire

you are the gas, match, and flame that cause the fire

that pain you feel burning in your heart

wondering why all your friendships dissolve and fall apart

for once in your life, blame yourself

this time you can’t look to anyone else

your days of playing victim are over

all those high on you, have now become sober

you’ve loss any ounce of favoritism

all truths told by you have now become fiction

an incomplete memory, a bad taste in my mouth

something, someone I can always do without


second chances are nothing new

but there’s been 4th, 5th, 6th chances for you

you get upset when people waste your time

but find entertainment value in messing with mine

you play the same games you blast others for

finally I’ve learned how to say “no more”

it was a process and it may have taken a while

but I now can separate a woman from a child

all you do is whine, cry, and complain

epitomizing hypocrisy, it’s a shame

but you will deflect blame, curse my name

because you don’t understand the concept of wrong

it’s unfortunate, I thought your values were so strong

but not once did you apologize

for all the deception and lies

and it will be you who thinks you wrote me off

but think about it… I just literally wrote you off


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