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7.) Random Access Memories (RAM) (Red)

remember me when it’s not convenient
tell me you want me now, and mean it
I want you each day a little more
I wanted you before we met
you have that affect
unfamiliar territory, I want to explore
your mind, body, soul, give me the tour

the one random memory we created
takes me to a time where we dated
you know me from another time
I only want to know you as mine
help me forget every woman that isn’t you
and I’ll be the good man you never knew

Go ahead girl, access these memories
tell me, do you see
you and me, the way I do
you on me, me on you
No reason for you to wait
access the memories we create
get carried away
in our moment in time each day

Seduce me, tease me
invade and consume my memory
flashbacks to what you used to be
before you ever knew me
show me what you’re thinking
I’ve been sporadic in your mind
give me this moment in time
remember our time together
and remember me forever

we frequently forget ourselves
to feel the touch of someone else
we dream to forget that void
we dream to fill that void
remember me, don’t dream me away yet
experience me, then dream away regret
of the memories we never had, then forget

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