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Crash & Burn

you bark, I tend to growl back
that’s how we always have and continue act
I say go right, you go left
we’re at each other til there’s nothing left
you bring out the best with glimpses of your worst
we are a catalyst to chaos, unscripted, unrehearsed
we mean well but we only bring hell
you rain hell-fire missiles
yet there are days I miss you
but you shouldn’t have the satisfaction of that admission
I chose the words you hear of my own conviction
we clash for an abundance of reasons
yet our chemistry still seems to defy seasons
I know that I make things hard enough, I’m hard to love
but your heart is equally difficult, and hard to touch

We clash, we crash and we burn
we put out the fire and rebuild
we learn that when things take a turn
we will
fight against, fight with, fight for each other
until the day we quit one another

The back and forth seems as routine as work
the constant jabs, the blows that never hurt
what do you have to gain from me?
think you’re in control of the games you play with me
with everything to lose, you’re going to lose
I choose to let you win, to let you in
I fuel the fire you use against me
you have always been more a necessary rival than enemy
the challenges we face, we create
pushing buttons just for the sake of provocation
fully ready to embrace any retaliation

explaining our dynamic to anyone else
is like you trying to explain yourself
it just doesn’t make any sense
but its charming to hear your defense
we can’t even explain us to ourselves
how have we come so far? but where are we really?
I fight for you as you wage war against me
we call a truce, but those words end up empty
we’ve come a long way and so much further to go
there’s so much left unanswered, but it’s better not to know
you never have to ask how I feel, you know the deal
whether its love or hate, you know its real


Bitter Days

everyone thinks they know best
carry that feeling in their chest
that sense of entitlement
as some proudly represent
A bitter taste for life to start
bitter days for those empty at heart

God controls everything that goes on
until something goes wrong
then this wasn’t God’s design
this is not what they had in mind
how could things not go their way
they not having it, no way
so they take matters into their own hands
and it never goes as planned
looking for someone to blame
embarrassed and put to shame
so they try to deal another the same pain
seeking lightning over shelter in the rain

Forgetting what they have when it’s there
they want love, but don’t want to care
a contradiction to their convictions
an oxymoron for the clever moron
a paradox, they won’t go until time stops
progress is a foreign concept
that they all seem to neglect
no regard for the kindness to others
but still they demand respect
everything has to be the way they say
and God isn’t real if He doesn’t answer every word they pray

They hold bitterness and hatred
to issues so outdated
their struggle is theirs alone
thinking no one else can relate
the cast a dark cloud around those who hold them dear
then ask why friends can’t be found anywhere
they want pity when life starts feeling shitty
but are out of sight comes your bad night
hurting them still hurts you
even after everything they put you through
what more can you do?
hoping they would grow over time
for the hopeful, a lifetime to change
maybe one day something will change

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