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Last Call

think I want something cause I complimented you?
I happened to see your eyes and thought they were beautiful
but your soul is a little outdated
a simple kindness, and you can’t appreciate it
your mind, lost in a time when everyone had motives
I am not them, you are not my focus
your significance to me, that of a ripple in the ocean
you caught my eyes, but for all the wrong reasons
I thought it was someone like you that I was needing
you had my heart for one of a million reasons
but turns out, you’re a cherry blossom in fall, out of season

you’re out there looking for a bone to fetch
how could I forget when you let nothing rest
you want the best but refuse to give it to anyone else
last call for you to be better than this version of yourself
cause I’m trying, but my fight for you is dying

you’re privileged yet always so on the edge
you’d complain to the homeless about the quality of your bed
cause nothing is ever good enough
with an inability to accept life can get a little rough
you can never be wrong in your eyes
everyone owes you an apology for your own damn lies
so I’m sorry that you are in your own way
for how stubborn you are on the day to day
I’m sorry you know how to twist my words to make them say the worst
I’m so sorry you ego has an insatiable thirst
you’re deceived by eyes that see what they want to see
you hear what you want to hear if it presents a case against me

I’m tired of letting you off the hook
I speak a truth that leaves you shook
you preach how much you know and understand me
but your comprehension of my culture is still in its infancy
you have no idea what it’s like to live with my identity
you don’t know my struggle so no need to pretend
living in your bubble, from a distance you are a convenient friend
you think you’re so impressive that it should be acknowledged
but its how hollowed out you are that leaves me astonished
so don’t flatter yourself speaking to me condescendingly
you’ve taught me nothing but how friends become enemies
I’m smart enough to know not to waste my energy
to think I once thought the problem was with me


Monster #5

Think twice, this is the two headed beast
with equal appetites to feast
the good and the bad
owning everything you once had
there’s no where to hide
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
introducing…monsters number 5

you think you know us and you really should
I’m here to say you deserve everything good
to remind you, you’re worth it
and for the things you want, sometimes you have to work for it
not everything comes easy, believe me
but be humble, be patient, don’t be greedy…
fuck what that beast said, the world wants you dead
everybody is against you
they go to church, just to repent you
I am your only real friend
your alone in this world, beginning to end
life should never have been this rough
why should anything be this tough?!
I say you sit back and wallow
let’s drown in the comfort of our sorrow

you have so much going for you, just got to put a foot forward
sometimes things try to hold you back, that’s when you floor it
got to lift yourself up and get distance from the negativity
don’t let this monster convince you to live with self pity

don’t let his tricks make you think life can be fixed
so high and mighty trying to make you see your worth
by making you do so much extra work
think about all the times you’ve been hurt
every time you fall, its his fault
making you feel good is his trap, don’t get caught

Life sucks and we both know it
all bad things happen to you
why would you even want to continue
the trend hasn’t been changing
just sit here and keep waiting
trust me, I won’t dare misguide you
I just know there is so much we can’t do…

sometimes you have to fall to learn a lesson
experience can sometimes be a blessing
you need to see what I see in you
can’t dwell on what others have done to you
feeling sorry for yourself gets you nowhere
don’t let any of us take you there

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