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Greener Grass

the grass is always greener
I’ve seen her, and I’ve seen her
I’ve cheated death, I’ve cheated life
I’ve cheated my mistress, I’ve cheated my wife
this world has yet to tame me
I’m an animal with no direction
my compass is broken so I stray
I play the games that the wild ones play
I can never win, I can never lose
so I do exactly as I want to
a complete disregard of consequence
will always be my greatest defense
because I will always be wrong even when I’m right
and simultaneously win and lose each fight

I fall in love too fast, too soon
each day bringing someone new
adding each one to my list of things to-do
I’m bad for my own health, I’m bad for you
the grass is always greener, it’s true
but I’ll chase greener grass until it turns blue

I catch her gaze and I’m ready to prey
She smiles in a way that makes me stay
I can feel her warmth and I feel her heat
I catch a scent of something so sweet
innocence is lost whenever our eyes meet
but always scouting ahead for an escape
I pave the roads I want to take
and she can come along with me, passenger seat
but we part ways as soon as another makes her obsolete

and I say the grass is always greener
I’ve seen the other side, I’ve seen her
her enthusiasm is a little bleak
but hers is so loud and unique
and she seems like quite the freak
but then she opens her mouth and speak
and now there’s something appealing about miss bleak
there’s no satisfying a lust so undying
I can never make up my mind
cause the flesh is as ample as straws of grass
and there’s a thirst for something that never lasts


Emotionally Compromised

I look in your eyes and I see your pain
feel your pain
you need my help but don’t say my name
you’re not the same
you rushed love and now pay the price
wishing this person was never in your life
you wanted to be his wife
but your relationship didn’t survive
he cheated, so now you feel cheated
out on a relationship which you never competed
with his ego, his desire of the flesh
you gave your all, so what do you have left?

nothing in your tank, you’re drawing a blank
trying to figure out where did you go wrong
and how long was this going on
insecurities begin to re-emerge
emotional breakdown, you begin to purge
seeking comfort in the tears you cry
can’t sleep, consumed with the question why
did he do this? why did she do that?
should you even take him back?
because you know he’s gonna ask of that
once he realizes his mistake, his loss
guilt trip you, win you back at all cost
make it seem like it was your fault
but he only regrets that he got caught

you’re attached, your judgement is weak
he cuts you off every time you try to speak
no respect for you, and now you have depression
so many feelings, a false reality sets in
you find a rebound as the perfect remedy
the pain in your heart seems to lessen with company
seeking comfort in someone with no worth to you
because you don’t know how to be alone, do you?
break another heart as part of your healing process
take advantage of the guy who thinks you’re flawless
then mess around, get drunk and it’s all sex
to feel desired, a temporary release of frustration
but now it’s yourself again that you are hating
debating if you could ever trust again
caught in a cycle that feels it will never end
but let’s not pretend, that all is bad
if you never invested, never cared
think of all the happiness you wouldn’t have
the good memories never there
don’t worry, you’ll heal in due time
there’s always another reason for you to shine

I can see it in your eyes
you are emotionally compromised
good woman down, in need of repair
but desiring who hurts you, not the one who cares
loneliness is everything you fear
but each day, someone will always be there

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