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16.) CA to VA (Blue)

A cross country honey with an appetite for money

It was my misfortune to fall for an Oakland raider

at the same time I could hate her, but still want to date her

there was something with her that was so right, so wrong

something that entangled me, turned me on

something more than a sex symbol with southern charm

it was her vulnerability that made me approach

her vivid accounts of a dark and vibrant past, still I didn’t reproach

self respecting woman looking for a new beginning

I took the dive to be a part of her life

to be the first man to get it right

but I was caught up, too kind, too blind

to see she was wasting my time


So what if we were so different

I was a fool if I didn’t…

Two worlds apart, she still has my heart

she holds it together as we fall apart

From CA to VA, she won’t find love today

and I won’t find her love this way


She’s the queen of the LA Kings

I tell her I’ll make sure they win

embracing my arrogance, she had me so far gone

I was so sure after past failures, that I finally won

but after so long, our journey had just begun

Time was always against us, but I accepted it

my patience on the line, she tested it

she had her own life and I respected it

as long as it didn’t leave us neglected

but her broken heart had a different agenda

I was an artificial fix, I was her Splenda

her focus was lost somewhere over there

little concern for what she had over here


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