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Read You

you read like its going out of style
I’m trying to catch up, it might take a while
more like a lifetime
because there is your speed, then there is mine
you read like the world is about to end
the library is your best friend
day and night and every time in between
not a single word in a single book goes unseen
the love affair between you and literature
makes you a honorary literary figure

you’re Belle and books are your beast
in all the chaos, they bring you peace
but how well do you read people with no equal
take me in, I’m one of a kind, no sequel
read me like a novel with a plot you can’t see through
and one day I’ll learn to read you

why do you read like you’re running out of time?
where is there space in your complicated mind?
for the world around you, waiting your approval
people filled with words that could never defuse you
1000 words per minute with 100 percent comprehension
a guru for books, but films shouldn’t be mentioned
they get no distinction, all apprehension
the pride that hides in between each page flip
the journey behind each novel is a complete trip
your mind races alone to places no one has ever been
it’s no contest, no one can keep up in a race you always win

you read like your life depends on it
it’s your life support and you just won’t quit
book clubs are created to compete with you
but they struggle to keep up with you
they are a lifetime behind your brilliant mind
figuring out where you even find the time
what you can read in a fraction of yours
is the mystery of life everyone’s searching for
will your literary mind ever be satisfied
read like you need it to survive
keep doing what makes you feel alive
how much can you read with one life
everyone would have to live twice
to read the way you impossibly do
there are readers, writers, and then there’s you


Editor’s Choice

you pour your heart out into your work
with desperation and no fear of being hurt
you lay it all out on the table
hoping in some way they connect and it saves them
in a way that someone else’s words saved you
you pray what you do is more than means to an end
but everyone pretends they care to comprehend
damned is the life you put in to your art
when it sits on a shelf but not in a cart
not stacked with the bestsellers but beneath them
so it goes overlooked like it has no meaning
underappreciated despite the difference it could make
a little too real to be honored with the popular

if it ain’t on a list
then it doesn’t mean shit
Editor’s choice is the law, the word
so your voice goes unheard
you go unnoticed, your work undeserving
no awards, no merit, so no one will hear it

everything you do is subject to review
where opinions become law
subjectivity determines if you rise or fall
your success rests in the hands of a man who doesn’t agree with you
he refuses to see the ways your art is beautiful
maybe there is a misinterpretation
his beauty isn’t what beauty means to you
you’re on the inside looking outside to your critics
they are on the outside and just don’t always get it
who do you have to pay, who do you have to stroke
just to be noticed enough to get a vote

It’s award season, but you weren’t nominated
were you not good enough to be appreciated
did you not work hard enough to be acknowledged
such confidence your work would of left them astonished
if only anyone had given it a chance
if the right critic has just taken a glance
your artistic vision wasn’t as good as his
although his audience were men, and yours kids
but everyone thinks they know best
and a decision was made, implying you are no better than the rest
an artist who thrives for mediocrity, working with no cares
cause we all thrive to have inferior work to our peers
you had the audacity to produce something with such inadequacy
but you keep fighting because it doesn’t have to end unhappily
when the time’s right, you’ll be king of your own academy

Piece of Literature

you read and live the life that you lead
I don’t mean to impede, but can you get me up to speed
tell me an interesting story
you are the belle of the ball
and I’m a little bit wordy
so maybe I come off a little strong
but don’t get me wrong
your intellect is quite fascinating
when we’re not learning, we’re relating
and in private, we’re contemplating
what never was and what could never be
but still dreaming of the possibility
a life where we do more than just co-exist
what we do together is what it means to live

you’re a classic piece of literature as real as you are
not an easy read but a good read
the plot thickens when I start to listen
and when we live is when we begin

I’m a quick study and I know that details matter
between this world and you, I choose the latter
all the directions your mind goes in
and I still take the roads less traveled
because I want to know you in ways like no other
more than your father, mother, and brother
be the one that steps in your world and tames the chaos
help be your light when times are dark and you get lost
part of an endless story currently being told
I want to be part of every new chapter as we grow old
we can become a saga, story of legend,the greatest anthology
we love each other freely with no apology

each day we turn the page and let it sink in
we are the rage, for every good chapter, with us it begins
so many people want to infringe on what we have
but it’s copyrighted as we pave our own path
I read you like my favorite book in school
over and over again, because I’m your fool
I know there are layers to uncover each time
and my mind knows you could be mine forever
so be my co-author on this life together

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