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Only After Midnight

thoughts of you haunt my mind constantly
memories of us are always taunting me
we were alone when we found each other
now your life resides with another
I was so scared of losing you, and yet I did
so afraid of telling you, so I hid
my confessions, darker than you could imagine
but your secrets, enough to fill a mansion
we live in such a dark place together and alone
I hear the creaks, disturbing silences in our home
year around tension, evergreen frustration
with no resolution in sight, I die every day
knowing I’ve failed to impact you in any way

I wake up with you on my mind
but I’m only on yours after 9 pacific time
you love me, only after midnight
only love me after we fight
only love me when I’m in your sight
why don’t we know how to love right?

I thought I knew what love was
but I mourn everyday for something I’m not sure of
You’ve made me feel so empty, so incomplete
I’m just another distraction, I can’t compete
what does it take to feel like I’m worth something
any time I try, I walk away feeling like nothing
you loved me only out of obligation to feel whole
your touch has always felt so cold
I had a feeling, to get by, you lied
but I created excuses, protecting my pride
I wish there was more, but I felt needy
and when I asked, you made me feel greedy
I was asking more of you than you could provide
but I’ve seen you give more, I’ve seen you more alive

everything about us was always on your terms
after all this time, I was too blind to learn
there’s no way I was ever getting through to you
I was never going to be enough, we know its true
I was a means to an end, and the end is here
your inaction speaks volumes to how much you care
I blame myself for not accepting this day would come
I knew every bit of investment in you would be undone
but still you convinced me you were the one
or I convinced myself to no objection of your own
now my choices are to continue feeling down and alone
or to move forward and be the soul haunting this abandoned home


House of M.

We built this relationship under false pretenses
for so long we have been pretending
that friendship was ever enough
you wanted my attention, I wanted your touch
flirting with an infatuation filled with lust
to have your mind, your body was a must
I’ve been honest from the start
but I’ve omitted the fact that you had my heart
we both had someone else at the time
but that carried little weight in our minds
we would complain to each other
an incidental comfort to one another
we talked all day and all night
we flowed so naturally, it felt right
more right, than anything before
you epitomized who I was looking for
while looking for an escape, I was your door
you would of been worth every last sin
my end all, be all…fin

Living life the way we intended
we should have never pretended
I was building my house of M.
now I’m buried under your house with them

every suggestion was suggestive
crossing lines, but neither of us protested
if anything we persisted
pushed to the brink of temptation
I accepted the idea of an affair without hesitation
Hera forgive me, but truth is the way
I would of thrown it all away, to this day
waiting for an opening to come
so that we can do what we never done
but that day never came and life is the same
different in ways we can’t go back on
but when I catch your scent I think back on
the times our eyes would meet
the days our happiness peaked
the smile that would make me weak
I just wish we were bold enough to leap

we would momentarily get a taste of our potential
the moments you let me close enough to know you
but we were always looking through a window
I opened up in a way I never knew I could
anyone who preceded you, they were no good
we entertained thoughts of being together
knowing dreams are dreams and reality is forever
we still grew attached, hoping the other would act
but life has been cruelly fortunate to us both
with another, we’ve each taken an oath
pulling us apart with success in opposite directions
but some part of us holds on hoping for our resurrection
cause we live forever in each other, just to die again
I’ll keep building houses until it’s you and I in the end…

give meaning to our house of M.

Lead Me Astray

I was wrong to think I was over you
just because I no longer wanted to get under you
I wanted you to be my mistake
and a part of me still wants you to
every time I do a double take
I realize the irony of every decision I make
I take the right roads to the wrong place
and everywhere I look, I see your face
with every answer I have, I still question fate

I sit across from someone who can’t match your wit
lacks your style, your confidence, and gives me shit
every time I push her to do better she breaks
she hesitates, crippled by anxiety to achieve more
I give so much of myself, sometimes I wonder “what for”
everything she does falls short of not doing anything
I fight every battle in a war I won’t win
personal growth is a foreign concept
to have you over her is no contest
when she speaks, I smile, but I know she can’t compete
I feel so cornered but I know I can’t cheat

point me in the right direction
lead me away, even if it leads me astray
away with you to pursue something new
I’ll never be satisfied until you satisfy me
if I ever lose my way, come find me

You were suppose to be there in wait
to make sure I did not make this mistake
now we’re in a state of limbo
in a time where we were both single
hard living in a reality of til death do us part
when you still have my heart
and now you’re considering taking that leap of faith
here’s to hoping you aren’t making my mistake
or maybe here’s to hoping you do
so that you see after it all, I’m the one for you

The Best Part of Me

she is the best part of me
my best friend, on bad days my worst enemy
that I will always love and appreciate
if we can’t agree, we negotiate
cause we shouldn’t go to bed angry
and if we do, I go to sleep mad at me
we come apart just to come back together
entangled in love, feeling closer than ever
the moments pass, but she is forever
the fire fades, the storm passes, but our love, never

we believe differently, but as long as she believes in me
we keep going,
reaping benefits from the seeds we’re sowing
we go from suppressed to expressive
but a resolution is never neglected
we conclude that we both will be respected
and we piece together two versions of the same story
and for having each other, we give Him the glory
we climb and we fall, then we tear down those walls
there’s no pressure, but a desire to be better
for the one I promise to love forever
cause she’s my queen and we reign supreme together

we learn and grow as a result of one another
consequence of our actions, memories everlasting
satisfaction comes in a variety of forms
and now my once cold thoughts are warm
perspective changes loving someone else
it will always be her before myself
her happiness and health
our love, the infinite supply of wealth
and I’ll be soaking it all up
because there is no such thing as too much

Honeymoon Life

we don’t go through phases, we go through lifetimes
love-struck like two people not in their right mind
loving each other more and more each waking day
and each night I lay my head next to yours and pray
that we’ll always have each other, my best friend, my lover
I love being in love with you now and forever
I love you until the sun burns out and the moon fades
give me your heart and know it’s always safe
your light inspires me, it lights the fire
to do my best by you, for my one ultimate desire

you are my best friend, my bachelorhood’s end
with you, I’m ready for a new chapter to begin
It took no time to desire you as my wife
let’s make that a reality, let’s have a honeymoon life
let’s create love with each other for all eternity
do me the honor and marry me

there is no doubt, hesitation or second guessing
you are every ounce my greatest blessing
I’m in love with you in so many different ways
and each way grows stronger every single day
each challenge we face results in me loving you more
a tighter bond with the woman I adore
you are the key to my happiness
you are the push I need to be my best
you are my peace when I need to rest
you at your worst, is greater than everything else at its best

I blush each day I get to come home to you
every part of you is just way too beautiful
every curve of your body as beautiful as your complex soul
you only grow warmer as the world becomes more cold
I want you as my queen in every aspect of the life I live
I’m absolute in you being a great mother to our future kids
you instill so much confidence that there is no “on the fence”
I’m so certain that with you is where my life begins
our love will outlive this world as we always stand together
you are my queen, my wife, you are my forever

Kings & Queens

what surpasses our empathy
is our abundance of chemistry
we’re something like a symphony
subtle but vibrant, you, the queen of the tyrants
make peace with the king of violence
there’s no greater sight than this alliance
but no greater charm than your defiance
a character of fiction too real to redact
how quick I am to attack
how quick you are to react
but at all times, we have each other’s back

we splurge on love
we don’t just raise the bar, we sit above
we indulge in the simple things
our potential can’t be unseen
as we live like Kings and Queens

we don’t pick and choose our battles
we just lay it on the line every chance we get
waiting for the days I best you
but I relish in the days I get the best you
just to see you try and assert your authority
you love nothing more than to be at war with me
our back and forth struggle of who reigns on the throne
with a subtle desire to make each other home
together, we are something to fight for
our alliance ends wars, and once more
we do it by kicking in front doors
bold as our love, we are a force
and everyone else can agree to disagree
that we are a beginning of a legacy

How many looks can I steal
to have your treasure in my court
despite our differences, I know your worth
you challenge and then ignore me
it drives me wild, makes me crazy
still I choose you as my lady
the queen to rule my domain
the one to lift up my name
carry us as I will carry you
love me however you choose

Above All Else

I can’t get a read on you
but just know I’m really feeling you
I can picture you and I together
marry me, be my forever
we can disagree, we can fight
but you and I will always be right
just think about our future
and how much it would suit you
stop chasing the shadows and follow the light
and we can lead each other in the right direction

let me spoil you with love and affection
give me the chance to be your protection
let’s provoke our minds with deep thought
or keep it simple on a nature walk
take a trip anywhere you desire
or go camping and sit around the fire
just imagine if we went backpacking
or the mischief we can make in a cabin

you’re my desire and I am determined
to create the perfect world for the perfect person
the one I love, above all else, take me as I am
say you love me too, take me as your man

tell me you trust me, that you love my touch
make me feel like I am more than enough
distract me from the chaos of this world
be my one and only girl
even with a lifetime ahead of us
we know that each other is enough
tell me that you are in love with me
and I will be yours for eternity

American Pastime

I love the way we interact with each other
underneath and on top of the covers
the way you dance in the shower
and how you can nap for hours
you think I’m bored, but I’m never tired of watching you
admiring someone that is so beautiful
with everything that you put me through
it only makes me want to marry you

Be my dream through the end of time
my California queen, my American pastime
take my heart, my hand and wear my crown
cause you are where my purpose is found
Love me in your own special way
and I’ll love you more than yesterday

Love the way you use me as your body pillow
and take pride in being there when you’re weeping like a willow
satisfying are the adventures we together create
even if its inside in pajamas all day, to the love we make
I could never see you enough, every second is a rush
and for anyone who doubts us, that’s just their tough luck
we can talk about anything and we do
and without saying it, I love how much you know I love you

there are times when our minds clash
and when I’m mad, I still miss your laugh
sometimes you playfully rebel against me
causing trouble, but I also know I give you plenty
ours, are my favorite memories to reflect on
our future, so promising, so strong
I love your gentle, kind, stubborn spirit
I love loving you, I love being in it

4.) Love You Right (Red)

she can’t give me a dime
but I don’t even want a penny
she can’t give me her love right now
but I already have plenty
she lets me know, she’s in repair
I tell her, baby, I’ve been there
I’ve been there too many times before
I know your heart hurts, the pain is cruel
but no way I’m gonna abandon you
you do have a friend in me, you’ll see
someone to rely on, another shoulder to cry on
Time will reveal where it is we are to go
right by your side, together we will grow

I’m gonna love you right
every day, every night
every word that you speak
from your lowest to your peak
I’m gonna embrace every flaw
every blemish, I love it all
brag about your essence
take pride in your presence

I love you right now
In this moment, we own it
I’m gonna love you right, show me how
I’m gonna love you for a lifetime from right now

Even if it rained on our wedding day
it would still turn out the way I prayed
still standing together, still exchanging vows
I want you forever from today, I want you now
with every second passing
you are my passion
in this chaotic world we live in
this is our new beginning

so let’s dance to the music no one else hears
let them watch, cause we don’t care
surrounded by the chaos as it unfurls
it’s you and me in our own world

Make it All Right

I work hard

tissues scarred

cause I put in the work

to make things work

between me and you

but I know this is real

and the scars will heal

I’m willing to fight

for what we already have

and work to create

new experiences, new mistakes

for us to learn from together

as long as we stay together


sometimes you don’t confront me

but don’t be so passive

if you feel a way

just let me have it

I’m not perfect

and I make mistakes

but you’re worth it

and I’ll do whatever it takes


to make it all right

to protect you at night

to get through

whatever we get into

cause I love you

I really do

and I’m gonna make it all right


stay with me

and continue to work on us

don’t leave

when things get rough

have confidence in us

believe in yourself

believe in me

and I hope you can see

that we are meant to be

don’t be scared of love

don’t be scared of us

and we’ll go to the places

we both dream of


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