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Greener Grass

the grass is always greener
I’ve seen her, and I’ve seen her
I’ve cheated death, I’ve cheated life
I’ve cheated my mistress, I’ve cheated my wife
this world has yet to tame me
I’m an animal with no direction
my compass is broken so I stray
I play the games that the wild ones play
I can never win, I can never lose
so I do exactly as I want to
a complete disregard of consequence
will always be my greatest defense
because I will always be wrong even when I’m right
and simultaneously win and lose each fight

I fall in love too fast, too soon
each day bringing someone new
adding each one to my list of things to-do
I’m bad for my own health, I’m bad for you
the grass is always greener, it’s true
but I’ll chase greener grass until it turns blue

I catch her gaze and I’m ready to prey
She smiles in a way that makes me stay
I can feel her warmth and I feel her heat
I catch a scent of something so sweet
innocence is lost whenever our eyes meet
but always scouting ahead for an escape
I pave the roads I want to take
and she can come along with me, passenger seat
but we part ways as soon as another makes her obsolete

and I say the grass is always greener
I’ve seen the other side, I’ve seen her
her enthusiasm is a little bleak
but hers is so loud and unique
and she seems like quite the freak
but then she opens her mouth and speak
and now there’s something appealing about miss bleak
there’s no satisfying a lust so undying
I can never make up my mind
cause the flesh is as ample as straws of grass
and there’s a thirst for something that never lasts


What You Were Before Pt. 2 (Before We Were Anything)

I want my friend, but we are always involved
why won’t your passion for me dissolve
I try to show you my dark side, my flaws
but you just ignore and brush them off
you’ve created this illusion
and our relationship gets confusing
this back and forth, this tug of war
between your mind and your heart
is somehow playing with my heart
I know I don’t help the situation
cause maybe I’m afraid to face it
so I make it easy for you to chase it
but this thing you think we have
it’s not what you want so bad

You aren’t entitled, but embattled
I don’t want to have to
don’t want to break your heart
I’ll love you forever, my friend
but before we were anything
we always had our end

It hurts me as much as it hurts you
knowing I can’t make your dreams true
I know I don’t make it easy
but you’ll continue to blame me
and maybe one day hate me
but maybe it is for the best
if it lets you put thoughts of us to rest
we both play the same games
but with me you say it’s not the same
it’s a shame, took this long to admit it to ourselves
we are both right for someone else

Think seeing less of me will make it easy
but I am not easy to forget, hard to regret
what we once were was nothing more
than a performance we chose to endure
we both chose to entertain
I just happened to be better at this game
I took what you created and did nothing but exaggerate it
I’m sorry for your heart ache, your heart break
but this is not an apology for your conscience mistakes
I admit at times, we were both wrong
but it’s time you stopped listening to this siren’s song

Fire of Regret

so you fear a life with him

but still, you give in

you settle, racing against time

you tell yourself it’s fine

you could do worse

but its not what you wanted

hearing the cries from within

you are still haunted

by your own desires

polluting your own conscience

it is now a liar


You scream fire

its burning internally

you can’t spend eternity

thinking this is it

this is as good as it gets

burning with the fire of regret


a victim of your time

always living in a rush

can’t rewind when it gets rough

the damage is done

good deeds undone

they say he is not the one

you agree he is not the one

but you refuse to admit you’re wrong

because you have something to prove

trying to find the answer to, “who are you?”


you want something sophisticated

you had it, but replaced it

he wasn’t ideal enough

he was too real, called your bluff

made you see the value in life

but you feared the potential of being a wife

you wanted a bad boy

to party and pop bottles

to cheat on you with top models

to degrade and dismiss you

curse with the same lips that kiss you

ignoring all the warning signs

cause you’ve been committed all this time

refusing to acknowledge change is good

won’t leave even though you know you should


The Boy Who Jumped the Gun (She Runs)

He jumps the gun
tells her he’s fallen in love
but she only runs
from all of the above
she’s too scared
to have someone who cares
someone who wants to be there
she doesn’t know how to accept it
all she knows is how to quit

She runs, She runs
away from the one
who loves her
more than anyone else
she rather be by herself
than with the boy who jumped the gun

She doesn’t see what he loves her for
she doesn’t want him to love her anymore
she doesn’t know what she want
ignoring emotions she’s afraid to confront
so instead she runs away without looking back
he still holds on to hope of her coming back
he patiently awaits her return
yearning to ease the pain of the way his heart burns

This boy, he jumped the gun
he knew she was the one
but she didn’t see it that way
still doesn’t 5 years to this day
he fights alone
determined to bring home
the girl who runs

the one who runs
but doesn’t know what she’s running from

City of Women (Sitting Pretty)

I’m sitting spiffy in a city of women
pretty women, a pool to swim in
pussy galore, right outside my door
but this isn’t what I’m looking for
I want the real deal
the woman who can make me feel
give meaning to my heart ache, my heart break
not a diluted version of something that’s fake
trial and error, but how many trials does it take?
is it me or them that keeps making the same mistake?

(Chorus):got them thirsty women in the city, and they all sitting pretty
but they know to move to the side cause they ain’t getting with me
See I got my sights set on the right one, a good woman, who’s good fun
knows what she wants, someone not afraid of a good thing
it’s a matter of time, I will be hers and she will be mine, until then I sing…
got them thirsty women in the city, and they all sitting pretty
but they know to move to the side cause they ain’t getting with me

See, I’m some sort of romantic
but the women of my city can’t stand it
ahead of my time, too mature in the mind
they say an eligible bachelor is not suppose to have respect
I was suppose to live a life with tons of regret
so I can be their porn star with stories to share
and fuck them on the 1st night without a care
I’m just not that guy, I won’t even try to be that
cause one day I will receive what I give back
I’m not perfect, I’m flawed, I’m tarnished
but there’s more than my looks, I’m not garnish
too bad for my own good, but still harmless

Maybe I’m just from a different era
or is it that my parents taught me better
I like working towards the good things in my life
I’d fight the world for the hand of my future wife
but there’s a price to pay for being selective
a burden to leaving those desires neglected
for not wanting to bone every woman I bring home
for understanding what it takes to be alone
I’ve been the right man with the wrong timing
but time is irrelevant when you start shining
then all the pretty women come out whining
saying that there are no good men left
they had two ways to go and they always go left
but ladies, I’m on my way to something great
Bachelor on the move with plenty to celebrate

Juliet’s Dream

Women spend all their time dreaming about the right man

Then end up with some screw up with no plan

Looking for love, so they chase after a self proclaimed thug

Wanting intimacy but end up faking it after getting rubbed

Want independence, so a no go for a man still living at home

Much rather a rundown pad of a dog just looking to bone

Can’t be emotional it shows weakness and they want strong

So they look for the man that can do all sorts or wrong

Overly aggressive, they love their man as a angry drunk

Criminal record and all, a little ganja and 9 mm in the trunk

Of their broken down car cause all their money goes to the bar

Come home liquored up, the guy who doesn’t really give a fuck

If he hurts you or not, but women stay and choose to be stuck

They like the comfort knowing a man leads to a dead end

So they know where things are going, no insecurity, no surprises

it will get better, nothing will hurt them, but that lie they keep telling themselves  is


Women are always scheming, always Juliet dreaming

About the things they want and what they can’t have

Want a good man, but chasing after the bad

She wants a bad boy, not some man who acts coy

Give yourself no chance, relations that too soon peak

So keep dreaming girl, Juliet’s lasted less than a week


They like their man older, cause young can’t be successful

Gotta have a man they can impress not someone on their level

Unless they go for the wealth, above and beyond

Digging for gold, giving it all up for Dr. Wrong

Cause some women prefer the easy way out

Head full of doubt about the path that they’re taking

But money over working for love is worth faking

Cause her real love aint banking what this man making

These women must not mind being cheated on

Cause they go for the men with 5 kids with 5 different moms

But to them the past is irrelevant, like it doesn’t affect the future

He got his women, but when you got men, he threatens to shoot ya

Cause women like the jealous selfish type, makes them feel wanted

Putting up with his bullshit over and over again, like she haunted

She can only date the tough or the rich, women don’t want a “bitch”

Yeah that guy with a stable job, respect and wants to get hitched


Now you got the women that go for the hair and the eyes

The type that only care about sticking his dick between her thighs

She wants a real man, so she goes for the one night stand

Then she regrets it, but its ok, that’s all a part of her plan

To close off and sabotage her chances with any decent man

She starts to hate herself now, but she doesn’t understand

She went for the man who took care of her, but only at his convenience

He still took care of her so she stayed knowing their love was meaningless

She rejects all other passes made at her and now she’s stuck in a rut

Living with an asshole with no hopes, cause he doesn’t give a fuck

These women feel sorry for themselves, living with so much regret

But ignore the fact they can change with a little more self respect

Good men miss out on women who get in their own way

Maybe that’ll change one day, but that day aint today

Cause women of a certain age keep their eyes shut for the time being

Settling for shit cause quality and good men aren’t worth seeing


There’s this misconception that men aren’t serious about relationships until their 30s. All I can say to that is…Really?? Women trick themselves into falling for immature guys or jerks and blame all men rather than themselves. I’ve always had a steady job, making a career for myself. I have a working car, my own place. My head is on straight, I know what I want in life and I’m working towards those things. I have nothing short of respect for any woman. Yes I’m a younger guy, but what does that mean? Am I really less experienced? Less successful? Maybe if I was given the chance maybe they would see that’s not the case. You know what, maybe I am less experience because I have never cheated on my girl, never been incarcerated, never been in a fight… yeah that’s what make me such a bad prospect. Sometimes I believe that women want a man they can clearly improve on, like a man they can shape and mold to their liking, like a fucking home improvement project. Knowing what I want is too intimidating, because I’m secure. I know I’m far from perfect; I have my flaws like everyone else. The way these women see me, it’s like I’m good, just never good enough. I’m just a face with a name, no depth to me at all. I’m worse than their cheating, drug dealing ex-boyfriends. I know plenty of good men out there and too many women who complain about the lack of good men. This is something I will never understand but it is what it is.

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