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Borrow your Heart

I wish I knew how to say goodbye
I want to hug and kiss you, tell you that I’ll miss you
but I got issues and conflicts of interest
cause those actions are not in our best interest
I shouldn’t be missing you the way I do
I shouldn’t be embarrassing myself, actin’ a fool
I know what a need to do but don’t know if I want to do it
ask for my confessions and you’ll get them, true shit
pour out my heart and soul, every secret ready to be told
bleeding out, wounds heal but broken hearts don’t
I should let my love for you lay with the rest, but I won’t
move on like the rest of them, but I can’t, you are the best of them

and I can’t let go of yesterday, not today
not anymore, not when I’m at your door
telling you to leave him and let me in
I can’t start tomorrow drowning in sorrow
so may I borrow your heart for my benefit
time is short and I want to be yours til the end of it

There’s nothing ordinary about our affections
in the past hundred years my loyalties have been in your direction
from my crush to my love to my obsession
I go from zealous to jealous when I see you entertain anyone but us
I know that I’m the right man and you’re my right hand
under the influence of the right circumstances
I can tell you feel what I feel from unashamed glances
if we just did for a moment what we wanted to and took chances
we’d surprise no one because they all know it’s true
that I’m not meant to get over but to be under you

I think I’m making progress then I relapse
my walls, my barriers, my guards all collapse
in your absence I like to think I can hold my own
but as long as your here, I can’t leave you alone
everyone knows that I want you
but they also know that I shouldn’t want to
my services are employed elsewhere
and you have your own staff over there
I entertained you and I in a one night stand
but now I see you as part of my life’s plan
don’t know how we got this far, it shouldn’t of been possible
but I know if you want something, there’s no stopping you
so don’t stop and I’ll know exactly what to do


Project RGB Epilogue: The End of Our Era

I wish you well and I wish you hell
for all the pain you put me through
but I try to believe this wasn’t you
that your heart had not yet healed
so I was only a rebound, nothing real
It was my decision to be fully invested
despite you telling me you can’t fully invest yet
so I admit my faults, and take some of the blame
but with your decisions, I hoped you’d do the same
I was patient and believed you were worth the wait
but you showed affection, you didn’t hesitate
you made it clear you wanted me here
but soon pretended like I wasn’t there
everything found a way to matter more than I did
and my frustration, I tried to hide it
to spare you any unnecessary stress
I gave my all, my best
so many good memories
all the moments you shared with me
but it went overshadowed and neglected
and I was left feeling disrespected
I always asked you to tell me to stop
if you needed more space or time
because I wanted you to find
yourself before anything with me
but you said you enjoyed your time with me
I wasn’t perfect, but I was always fair
and if you had really cared
the least you could of done
was say I’m not the one
rather than stringing me along
feeding me lies
never looking in my eyes
you used and manipulated me
but I was selectively blind not to see
I thought we had such a good thing
but once you were ready
you didn’t come to me, you went to him
so let this be our finale, this is our end
Goodbye R.G.B.
farewell former friend

This is the end of our era

20.) My Resignation (Blue)

I will not be your comfort zone
I will no longer be a 2nd home
when you want somewhere to be
that place will no longer be with me
you let me down in such a destructive way
so full of games that I will not play
for too long I entertained
all the screwed up things in your brain
all of the hypocrisy that I let slide
because it was in me you confide
the lies I told to protect you from yourself
the lengths I went for no one else

the pain that I endured
because you gave me no closure
never told me it was over
left me alone, feeling so wrong
it’s time I resign and move on

I won’t be there by your side
I won’t check if you’re alright
you lost the right, to have the best of me
you don’t even deserve my worst
it was you who abandoned me first
I was always there in your time of need
but not once did you ask about me
never showed interest in how I was doing
left me to find out on my own, I’m not the man you’re pursuing
sabotaged a good thing, left us as a ruin
hurt people, hurt people and I get that
but it’s not like you ever wanted me back
never expressed any remorse
for the course you took with me, your friend
not once did you explain why we reached an end

If you took responsibilities for your actions
I’m sure none of this would have happened
even if things didn’t work out between us
we would still have some sort of trust
some type of bond, someone to lean on
but don’t come to me looking for help
I leave you as you left me, alone, by yourself
you were never there when I needed you
only around if it benefited you
your sincerity has lost all value
I don’t trust a word that comes from you
you stand by your claim of integrity
but your heart is hollow, you’re shallow, you’re empty
and I’ve dealt with your bullshit plenty
now pretend like you never met me
because to me, you are a void in my memory


19.) The Letter (Blue)

540 days after we first met, 186 days after we first kissed…

you became an illusion

an idea I should dismiss

your kisses irrelevant

because they no longer represent

who we both thought you were

a different woman from the one I fell for…


I care about you more than others could comprehend

I would of fought for you til the very end

I did for you what no one else would

I was the only one to believe you were any good

but this makes no difference to you

so I can no longer pursue

this one sided affair

You’ve shown how little you care

how little you have invested

how ugly you can really be

you were too unstable to mess with

so I place that blame on me


So much sacrifice

trying to get it right

our future looked so bright


a bulb blew as I write about you tonight…


there’s not much left to say

as your lack of response

it said more than enough

I wrote you too many times

not to hear one word

you wanted someone to write

and that’s why this hurts

none of this made any sense

but I can no longer expend

time on a false, conditional friend

we have reached the end of our time

I’ve written my final letter…I resign


11.) The nEXt Best Thing (Green)

So it seems we’ve hit a rough patch
don’t show the same affection we once had
your mind is still on your ex and how he betrayed you
mine is wondering if you’re stuck on him, how can I date you?
I’ve made up my mind, I want you as mine
but something says this isn’t the right time
I adore you and I swore to fight for you
but you put me through the pain you ex puts you through
feeling unwanted and undesired
growing impatient and tired
thinking how could I settle for anything less
anyone who’s not you, is second best

You’re not around
my ex is back in town
show shes an interest that you don’t show
I’m intrigued, but I just don’t know
the situation I find myself in
where do I begin
you won’t let me have you, I can’t win
so do I settle for the next best thing?

you worry about all the wrong things
if you spent that time letting me in
things would be so different
if you didn’t hold back
the way you feel
cause I know we have something real
something that would last
if you weren’t so focused on your past
letting your ex back in the picture
now the lines are so blurred
looks like you want him and I want her
but that’s just not the case
no one here wants to be replaced
no one here wants to settle
so I won’t let you
let me in so we can begin
I don’t want the next best thing

She has nothing on you
but what you want me to do
I can’t continue to pursue
the dead end means with you
tell me, what do I mean to you?
really want to let go so easily?
forget every bond between you and me?
its nobody’s business where we stand
but damn, I want to be your man
with all the work we been through
It can’t be you and him and not me and you

Until You Let Me Go (Part 1)

I try, I keep trying to outrun

the fact that we’re done

I don’t know how to let go

until you let me go


I don’t know

Why oh why?

would you hold back from me

just tell me you’re cheating

tell me your leaving

just give me a reason

so I can stop believing

so I can stop loving you

before you tell me we’re through

break my heart in a different way

postpone my loss until another day


why are you afraid to love me?

why can’t you just let us be

what do you want from me?

I just don’t understand you anymore

I’m no longer what you’re looking for

but you and I always feel like so much more

you lost your way somewhere down the road

you hate me because it’s what you were told

they say it was the right thing to do

that I was never right for you

if that’s a reality you believe in

what is it that keeps you from leaving?


constantly finding your way back in my life

preying on my dreams of you as my wife

some part of me still hasn’t let go

and I know that you know

so why do you still linger around?

after the numerous times you build me up and let me down

why do I let you back in?

where do we end?

where did we begin?


I don’t know how to let go

until you let me go

but don’t you go

until we know

we’re ready to go

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