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Mutually Exclusive

your past escapes me
I can’t even pretend to know
your soliloquy creates a mystery
that you will forever be shrouded in
because I’m not sure you’ll ever let me in
you taunt and tease my curiosity
I fell for our memories and what we could be
but not the reality of what we would be
friends and still perfect strangers
still we display a bond so undeniable
pain and laughter all too reliable
a comfort tangled and entwined
when and where do we draw the line

you know too much about me
I regurgitated my history without hesitation
no rhyme or reason, no justification
no fabrications, no protecting myself with lies
the honesty was pure when I first met your eyes
I’m usually the mystery to everyone else
but I revealed the real me to yourself
you know a different me than everyone else
my flaws are apparent, and you take them
you take me so casually, I thought it was just me
but everyone has something to say about our chemistry
potential energy that will never become kinetic
we are what we are and I won’t forget it
whatever you invest in me, I’ll protect it

you’re the most interesting person I don’t know
we’re so close, but I just don’t know
if this is a mutually exclusive feeling
I don’t what kind of hands we’ve been dealing
but the more I get to know you
the less I know what to do

a naturally occurring phenomenon, nature introduced us
how can having what we have not be and be enough
the most trivial of things brings me closer to you
a mind this challenging, I must pursue
I fight to know more, there’s too much left to explore
but you know all you need, that I’m not what you need
but I’m not so sure that your heart is up to speed
elephant in the room, I remember every last detail
every quip, those are the memories I protect
the truth is in the sarcasm we try to redirect


The Version of You Meant for Me

Here I am knocking on a door
that doesn’t open anymore
not for me at least
I’m not someone you have time for
even when I need you the most
I can’t even get close
I can’t have your time, your attention
there’s no retention of my problems
in your mind, it’s like you mind
they’re not your problems, they’re mine
so why would you solve them?
even though you are more than capable
but it’s my fault I ever put faith in you

You said you would be there for me
you could be my therapy
but now I begin to see
as I stand here feeling empty
you will never have time to be
the version of you meant for me

I’ve always been patient with you
always coming to your rescue
making myself available
even those times it took a week or two
knowing that one day you would do the same
you would sense my pain and call out my name
tell me everything would be ok
but here we are today
where I struggle, everything’s not ok
but the only words that you say
are to tell me that you’re tired and out of it
with an “I’m sorry” to seem compassionate
never asking how I am doing
because only your life can be in ruin
but this has always been the trend with you
this is what it means to depend on you

You spread yourself thin to please everyone, but you
then neglect the one who really loves you
when it really matters, you can’t come through
how can I continue to trust you?
my faith in you is beginning to wane
my words hurt, but now maybe you can feel my pain
you’ve proven to be, you’ve proven it to me
that you were nothing but all talk, all lies
but you will never catch a tear from these eyes
because I can’t lose something I never had
I can’t let go of something I never had a hold of
there will be a day when things get bad
and you seek my comfort through a door that you closed off

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