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5.) Poison (Red)

I see the way you look at me

I’m already hooked on you

You’re just too beautiful

I want to ruin you


I want to make your hair a mess

I want to get you out of that dress


I catch the scent from your neck

close my eyes and envision your silhouette

kissing every erogenous zone

girl, I just want to take you home

some place we’ll be alone

where I’m free to roam your body

no interruptions to stop me


take it off, I want it baby

tease me, drive my crazy

with your body I want to explore

give me some, then give me more


from your ear to cheek to neck

working my way down, you’re already wet

I’m ready to put in work

cause baby, we’re going to work

all over your body

seclusion, your needs

I’m the solution

I love your every curve

let me satisfy every nerve

kisses down the arch of your back

to the arch of your feet

sexy the way you react

fade to black as our lips meet


your poison that shoots up my veins

every time you say my name

intoxicated from your kisses

everything about you, I’m addicted

seduce and entangle my every need

with your poison from which I feed


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