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One Night Stand

you wear that dress and I want to be single again
you take it off and I want to be more than a friend
it’s more than just talk, I have means to an end
the way you work it gives me a new purpose
the trouble it would cause almost seems worth it
we probably wouldn’t treat each other right
but I just want to love you if only for a night
fuck you like love at first sight
I’d give it all just to know what you feel like
you got that cake and I just want a bite
and if sacrifices are to be made
I’m ok with any price to be paid

I just want to be an animal with you
we only want to keep it physical
we touch, we fuck in and out of love
we don’t stop til we get enough
it’s just a one night stand
one night closer to being your man

you wear those pants and I get a rise
and the way it shows your shape and hugs your thighs
please forgive the sinning being done by my eyes
I don’t want to compete with your past
but I would for those brains and that ass
I would do all the things he’s never done
it’s always you being served and first to come
because I want to cater to your every desire
I’m available for hire and ready to retire
from the games that men and women play
but only if you decide to come my way
I won’t do all the things he’s done
that was second rate and we come second to none

we’re not compatible but I still want to be bad with you
my fantasies about you are becoming habitual
we can do all the things you never thought you would
how could I turn down what feels so right, so good
I think it’s time we discussed an international affair
as you become a frequent flyer, ride with me in the air
and watch us take off and make off, no destination in mind
all that matters is that we’re in the right place and time
it doesn’t have to make sense, there is no hesitation
the things we’ll do have no salvation
there is no saving us from each other
and we don’t need saving when we have one another
we can just try each other out, if just for a night
and if it feels right, then we can discuss the rest of our life


Make a Scene

there’s no need to be discrete

cause once we meet

there’s no going back

there is no forgetting

every second, every minute

my eyes, you’re in it

my sights are set

my target is locked


so give me everything thing you got

test the waters, take a shot

let’s jump, let’s scream

let us make a scene


We endure and perform

let’s work up a perfect storm

we mix and we tangle

tell me how much you can handle

cause we push the limits

no rules, we’re just in it

to fulfill a dream

to make a scene


wild is always the best

let me undress you my lioness

we can relieve some of the stress

being the animals we are

we can excite and delight each other

satisfy my appetite for a lover

let’s dream then live out a party

where we just don’t care

we do whatever we dare

7.) Random Access Memories (RAM) (Red)

remember me when it’s not convenient
tell me you want me now, and mean it
I want you each day a little more
I wanted you before we met
you have that affect
unfamiliar territory, I want to explore
your mind, body, soul, give me the tour

the one random memory we created
takes me to a time where we dated
you know me from another time
I only want to know you as mine
help me forget every woman that isn’t you
and I’ll be the good man you never knew

Go ahead girl, access these memories
tell me, do you see
you and me, the way I do
you on me, me on you
No reason for you to wait
access the memories we create
get carried away
in our moment in time each day

Seduce me, tease me
invade and consume my memory
flashbacks to what you used to be
before you ever knew me
show me what you’re thinking
I’ve been sporadic in your mind
give me this moment in time
remember our time together
and remember me forever

we frequently forget ourselves
to feel the touch of someone else
we dream to forget that void
we dream to fill that void
remember me, don’t dream me away yet
experience me, then dream away regret
of the memories we never had, then forget

5.) Poison (Red)

I see the way you look at me

I’m already hooked on you

You’re just too beautiful

I want to ruin you


I want to make your hair a mess

I want to get you out of that dress


I catch the scent from your neck

close my eyes and envision your silhouette

kissing every erogenous zone

girl, I just want to take you home

some place we’ll be alone

where I’m free to roam your body

no interruptions to stop me


take it off, I want it baby

tease me, drive my crazy

with your body I want to explore

give me some, then give me more


from your ear to cheek to neck

working my way down, you’re already wet

I’m ready to put in work

cause baby, we’re going to work

all over your body

seclusion, your needs

I’m the solution

I love your every curve

let me satisfy every nerve

kisses down the arch of your back

to the arch of your feet

sexy the way you react

fade to black as our lips meet


your poison that shoots up my veins

every time you say my name

intoxicated from your kisses

everything about you, I’m addicted

seduce and entangle my every need

with your poison from which I feed


1.) Red

your diaphanous tone, sound of your voice turns me on
your sweet lips, I want to place mine on
the curve of your mouth, to your soft skin
your body is where my fantasies begin
your hazel eyes, your long hair
capturing the essence of your stare

passion, love, lust
surrounding us

your scent, so sensual, sends my mind elsewhere
something so sexy about you that seems unfair
gently tease your neck, I just want a taste
your head to feet, I just want to taste
let me invade your space
let me love you gently
dare I say your flaws are plenty
you have the most perfect imperfections
something we both embrace
your style, your heart, so filled with grace
let me lay with you in bed
make my blood rush from head to head
you are my passion, my desire
the fuel, the lighter and my fire

With you, I only see Red

City of Women (Sitting Pretty)

I’m sitting spiffy in a city of women
pretty women, a pool to swim in
pussy galore, right outside my door
but this isn’t what I’m looking for
I want the real deal
the woman who can make me feel
give meaning to my heart ache, my heart break
not a diluted version of something that’s fake
trial and error, but how many trials does it take?
is it me or them that keeps making the same mistake?

(Chorus):got them thirsty women in the city, and they all sitting pretty
but they know to move to the side cause they ain’t getting with me
See I got my sights set on the right one, a good woman, who’s good fun
knows what she wants, someone not afraid of a good thing
it’s a matter of time, I will be hers and she will be mine, until then I sing…
got them thirsty women in the city, and they all sitting pretty
but they know to move to the side cause they ain’t getting with me

See, I’m some sort of romantic
but the women of my city can’t stand it
ahead of my time, too mature in the mind
they say an eligible bachelor is not suppose to have respect
I was suppose to live a life with tons of regret
so I can be their porn star with stories to share
and fuck them on the 1st night without a care
I’m just not that guy, I won’t even try to be that
cause one day I will receive what I give back
I’m not perfect, I’m flawed, I’m tarnished
but there’s more than my looks, I’m not garnish
too bad for my own good, but still harmless

Maybe I’m just from a different era
or is it that my parents taught me better
I like working towards the good things in my life
I’d fight the world for the hand of my future wife
but there’s a price to pay for being selective
a burden to leaving those desires neglected
for not wanting to bone every woman I bring home
for understanding what it takes to be alone
I’ve been the right man with the wrong timing
but time is irrelevant when you start shining
then all the pretty women come out whining
saying that there are no good men left
they had two ways to go and they always go left
but ladies, I’m on my way to something great
Bachelor on the move with plenty to celebrate

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